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SF_Tactical Training Ops is a fourth party plugin to be used with Ozone's Carnage Island Special Forces Unitset in myth1.4 and above It is in COOP offering only to keep the dl small so no storyline or singleplayer pregame was made also no postgame so upon completion for stats you must be online

It is very demanding and lower end computers might be able to handle things on legendary or heroic difficulty

Normally Special Forces work as a team but during training even special forces train in wargames to make it the most realistic this VR is set with the player being on the defender's side who is ordered to hold the fort from all hostiles

You command (depending on difficulty) a battalion of troops and support. Usage of these assets will ensure success or failure depending on how well you prepare and what you do in the heat of battle

Special Thanks goes to Ozone Strangelet and t2i

ALL preexisting rights of Bungie, T2i, and ADOBE; reserved. tools used fear loathing photoshop

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