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Souls of the Apocolypse... by Iain Simms

"They cometh unto our world through the Hellmath, all laws of physics become void when these creatures are involved, spawned by Satin himself and nurtured with the gates of Hell, now set loose to destroy all those who stand in their way..." - Last words of Baron Von Soggy Pants.

Thanks for downloading the Souls of the Apocolypse!
This little pack of units contains four Apocolyptian creatures from hell, they are really just haxOred creatures but they are REALLY fun! My personal favourite is the Apocolyptian Guard!

I won't tell you what these units can do, just extract them using vista's tag extractor (vista.thereinstance.net), put the files in your local folder, open up Loathing and add them to a map and find out just how powerful these units really are!

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Copyright in part or in whole Bungie Software 2000. These units were created by Iain Simms using Bungie's Fear and willow creek was modified using Loathing.

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