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this plug in is called: souls n stuff.

it replaces every light unit but the special characters (alric deceiver) with a different kind of soulless
each soulless is colored to look like the real thing, j men are brown herons are golden zerks are red and green.
and the charges and stuff are different, soulless dwarfs have skull charges and can pick up the skulls of other soulless that have died for more! and archers have flaming javelins and the herons and j men have magic healing

as well, all melee units have a tine little javelin for those pesky out of reach long rang units, t-hey don't do much damig though. the soulless trow have a garganuin javelin that does allot of damig but is hard to hit small units like ghols.
and if your wondering after you play, the soulless stab attacks for melee units aren't stronger, there identical to the warrior sword swing for the warrior soulless bezerk sword swing for the zerk soulless heron for heron throw kick and punch for the throw. i think the soulless just make it look cooler.

thaats about it

thanks for downloading!

h >=-)

this plug in was made entirely using bugies fearZNDSET.Hp6*pDSET.H6*pFNTMCUTSDSUM'Loretta ShiverHDNISTYLd

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