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Shadow of the Mountainv2
Created by: BadThrall

Shadow of the Mountain has been one of the most popular single player levels in the Myth:TFL. Now it's once again back and ready for download for Myth:SB with a new makeover.
How to Use:
Place the "SotMv2" plugin into the plugins folder. Start up Myth:SB and hold down the 'shift' key while clicking on Single Player. You should see the new levels. (You will probably need to continue this sequence the next time you want to play a different level)
If you have download SotM1.1 before, SotMv2 has many nice additional features and tune ups and major changes:

-Original Narration w/ Sound included
-Original SotM Pregame and Postgame
-TFL interface included.
-All Original In-game dialoge w/ Sound has been put in
-NEW: Ash like particles implemented coming from Tharsis
-Scenery Boost Increased.
-NEW: Can feel earthquakes/shaking coming from Tharsis at times
-All the proper physics implement which what made SotM so cool
-8 Meshes | Supporting all types of strategies in defending the hill.
-A slight fir'bolg glich from 1.1 has been fixed.

-Multiplayer Maps from SotM1.1 have been cut out.

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