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Sons of the Desert  is a map of strategy.
Strategize. Ambush. Obliterate.....

SofD Strategies.

The first thing you must remember about this map is this, DON'T RUSH IN! Strategize your attack. Charging in will be instant death. If you charge in, all it takes is one dwarf bottle or one warlock fireball and all your guys are injured or dead. Then their healthy guys attack your weakened guys. Not good. Try to fake out your opponent, ambush them, or lead them on a wild goose chase. You have a limited number of melee units at your disposal, so be careful. Here's what I suggest...

1. Create groups.
Don't rush all 15 melee units in at once. Create groups with a warlock leader or a dwarf leader. A big group is a big target so minimize your target by having smaller groups. Remember, one fireball and it's all over. Poachers make good warlock killers, so bring a few along too.

2. Cannons are helpful.
Each side has four cannons. Use it to try to knock out stronger opponents like warlocks or dwarves.

3. Watch the entrances.
Both forts are different. One is larger, but more easily invadeable. The other is smaller, but better protected. Sneak in, that's the best way to win. (I have a film that proves this)

6. The houses are there for a reason.
Both forts have two small groups of houses. Those are good protection against bottles, arrows, bullets, and warlock fireballs. Use them to make your opponent come to you. One has an oasis, and the archer ghls can hide in there.

New characters
Swordsman (regular and elite version)
- The most powerful of melee units
ATTACK - Sword swing
Swordsmen are very powerful attackers, but they are not indestructable. Their attack stuns their opponent, making them easy targets. Just don't think you can fight ten at once though.

Ghl Archers (regular and hero)
- The peaceful ghls
ATTACKS - Cleaver, javelin
Well, not really peaceful, but these ghls are no longer enemies. They use special ability to throw javelins, the hero version paralyzes enemies. They can also hold their breaths and go under water.

Cannon (same old, same old)
- But with more ammo
And they're more accurate. And a bit more powerful.

Krim Bowmen (the archer with *umph*)
-Long range for a big map
ATTACKS - Fire Arrow, Long Range Arrow
Both the long range arrow and the fire arrows cause twice the damage, but he fires twice as slow. The arrows move faster, so they reduce inaccuracy.

Mortar Dwarf (weakened a bit)
The mortar dwarf has a smaller blast radius and he's a bit weaker. This is to compensate for their apparent long range shots when they fire into the gorge.

New characters created by Brent McDonald

Mortar (cannon)
- A mobile destruction gun
ATTACK - Junk Shot
the mortar can be equipped with small objects to fire at a long distance.

Characters and Map Creation: Aaron Justice
Additional Character Creation: Brent McDonald
Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing under Mac OS 9.1

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