; Mythgraveyard

This is campaign that converts six multiplayer levels into solos. There is also a defensive 
variant of "Into the Breach" (don't mix this with GoC though-these levels are completely
different). All levels include short pregame story and 300-700 map actions.
Units ususally have minor modifications, for example warriors can block attacks with special
ability key (although it's hard to time it right), dwarven mortars will no longer shoot their
rounds through a comrade's head, armored units like herons and warriors will have better
arrow resistance and bowmen will now avoid friendly units, like they should.

Legal stuff:
Copyright 2001 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created mostly with
Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Z. Rupchich, sciron@angelfire.com (do not e-mail me at bungie.net
e-mail, as these adresses no longer seem to work).

Please do give me some feedback.

Special thanks goes to Bungie for releasing such great editors, The Mill for being such a great
place to download and upload Myth-related things and to the people at various Myth mapmaking
forums for helping me in my problems.

v2 changes:

Fixed various grammar and spelling mistakes-special thanks goes to Lord Raven for this. He also
wrote new, better and longer level entries.
Fixed problems caused by too many projectiles on levels 2 and 3 on harder difficulties.
Fixed scripting problems on levels 3 and 5.
Added new scripting thing on level 4, never seen before in Myth-try not to have casualties and
you might not found what it is.

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