; Mythgraveyard


First of all let me start out with saying thanx to all you hardcore trippy
gamers out there. You made SoD possible.Second HAHa wewt eat it and read.

1. Your puffs have an inventory, access this by selecting puff and pressing 'i'
note* your inventory wont pop up if you haven't picked anything up.

2. you can pick up a max of 2 items, so choose your arsinal well.

3. You heal by grabbing your enemies head.
note* they have to be dead in order for you to heal.
wich brings me to my next.
4. If you kill someone with out exploding the body, you have to pick
it up and throw it, lead targets this parachuting kamikaze is dangerous
if used with precision, if you t click someone it will fly high in the air
and fall. but if you t click self then it will fire out like zook.

5. The weapons WEWT!!!! pay attention

6.Gernade luancher- your normal mid range weapon, can shoot farther
if you are higher up but is harder to aim. press t they fire where
they face.

7. Silent Rain- If your gonna use one you might as well use 2, press t
and frantically click enemy's, it will begin to rain death upon
any unfortunate enough.

8. 6 ball fire shooter- This beast is one trippy foe expender if used correctly
you can wipe out the masses with this. press t they fire where they face.

9. Nuke- this appears on the map as a larger cannon ball, remember not to stand
on a pile of em, its your funeral. pick one up and press t they throw over hand.

10. Bazooka- fires 2 nukes out but you have to aim, pick up 2 of these and have 4 nukes
to be shot out. deffinetly death unless you have crap aim :) and they lucky as hell

11. Confusion rounds- These appear on map as fire balls, they dont do much damage but they confuse
Note* Do not use at close range or get hit with your own fire. your
puff will then go nutso becuase he gets confused and keeps firing
unless you get lucky and he misses himself.

12. I think thats it. rest can be figured out played this crazy coop. If you win heh ill laugh

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