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September 24, 1998


For Slugfest Apply Within 1.0


This map is based on Bungie's For Carnage Apply Within. Quite possibly the most popular variant played on Bungie.net is Slugfest. The only units allowed in a Slugfest game are wights, thrall and dwarves. In the past, Sluggers would have to trade units during planning time to get rid of the soulless, ghols, warriors and journeymen that are standard on For Carnage Apply Within.

Inevitably, some newbie doesn't pay attention or some jerk intentionally gets illegal units to wreak havoc on everyone else. This isn't fun for serious players and is a waste of time. That's where For Slugfest Apply Within comes into play.

The only units on this map are the standard slugfest units. Unit trading is disabled, so all players will automatically get the right units every game. No more accidents, no more cheaters, no more endless chatter about rules!

Slugfest games in ranked rooms! Woo hoo!

Optional Rain:

Once you've played this map in the rain, you'll never look at a wight in the same way. When the difficulty level is set to Legendary or Heroic it will periodically rain during the game. Rain changes everything. Try it!

When set to Heroic, the rain will be rather light and most dwarf bottles will explode on impact. When set to Legendary, the rain can get much heavier making grenades nearly useless. The rain on both settings changes intensity over time, so keep those dwarves handy for the sunny spells. :-)
It never rains on the other difficulty levels.

Football Variant:

A special map for Steal the Bacon (aka Dwarven Football) game is included. It is traditional to start a football game with a kickoff. To kick off, the center player places the ball on a pile of 20 satchels and tosses in a grenade. A good kickoff will cause the ball to bounce off the edges of the map four or more times.

Instead of requiring the center player to kickoff (using up all his satchels and taking valuable time) a special unit will teleport onto the hill and kick off automatically. While the kickoff is in progress, none of the players can move their troops. After kicking, the special unit teleports out and the game announces "Game On." At this point, all troops are under user control and the game begins.
The kickoffs are very random and always cool. Be sure to move your camera to the center and watch the show!

This automatic kickoff is only on the Football version of this map.

Installation Instructions:

* Mac users, unstuff the archive using Stuffit Expander.
* Windows users, use WinZip (or equivalent) to expand testmap.zip.
* Delete the Read the Read Me file. I can't believe you read this!!!
* Put testmap.gor into the plugins folder (in the tags folder in your Myth folder).

Version History:

Please send comments and bug reports to johnny_polite@mtn-palace.com.

Version 1.0
Rain added to Legendary and Heroic levels.
Special Football map created
Kickoff performed by special unit on Football map

Version 1.0a2
First public release.

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