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Sleepy Valley 1.1 Readme

While on a short break, relaxing at a local pub in Tallow, we got some
disturbing news via messenger. The once peaceful town of Sleepy Valley
had been terrorized two nights previous to this. The messenger had
never seen such horrible beasts. He begged our assistance in regaining
the peaceful ways of Sleepy Valley.

Continued in the Sleepy Valley Epilogue...

In this plugin you control basic light units. You must keep your
Journeyman alive, or you fail. You never know what's coming next in
Sleepy Valley. Huge hordes of undead await you, and there are a few
surprises too.

This is my first plugin. I spent a long time creating an interesting
colormap and mesh, and scripting the enemies. I even changed how hard
the game is on different difficulty levels, so set it how you are

Updates in version 1.1:

*Tons of reconfigured scripting for stronger AI, and some ALL NEW
scripting was added!
*More enemy units were sprinkled across the map.
*The colormap was given a major overhaul. Particularly the water, and
rocks now have extra detail, but a lot of things are totally new!
*A pregame epilogue was added to better explain what your goals are.
*A postgame background was added so you can total up your kills and
damage and stuff.

Version 1.1 BUG FIX!!:
*Sometimes when the big group of thrall in the pit would turn to attack
you, Myth would crash. That has been fixed.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: lego_maniac@geocities.com

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