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This map was created many months ago and has never appeared at "The Mill"
I thought I would bring it back to the surface in light of three reasons, first being that there are a huge number of "Classic" myth map fans out there and second because of the new movie that is soon to come out called "Sleepy Hollow", and third because the mill is a neato place.
The map was inspired because of my deep seated fear of the tale as a child and its small country side atmosphere.
This is not a TC and features only classic myth units with 4 diff mesh types. (Classic, Dark, Heavy Arms and Slug-O-Rama) I think you will find the map both surreal and very playable. This map can also be found on the cool CD and book by Deathwhore (J. Charles Holt) The MythII Handbook.

Hope you enjoy this,
THORAN (Todd Huffman)

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corp."
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: 1999THORAN (Todd Huffman) birdman@rmi.net2x}zw~¼þ|xurpoooooopppppppomkigffffffffgjoyrqonmllkjiiiknqtwxxwwwvtrpomkigd  2IJ2styl

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