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"Sleepy Hollow - Redux" v2.1 ~ Map by Thoran - Mod by Baak

Last Updated: 2008-01-31

As of the date of this readme, Sleepy Hollow is our second most played map
ever - racking up 225+ games so far! The one drawback to this most excellent
map is having a center start. This is especially rough when playing using
"Rocket Dorf Fest" or "Trebuchets" or "Airships" - so ...

I've rebuilt Sleepy Hollow as follows:

* All original maps are left intact, using the name "Sleepy Hollow 5" in
the title to distinguish them as being 5-start maps.

* The original four maps are duplicated as 4-start maps, starting with the
name "Sleepy Hollow 4".

* The original "Classic" name is changed to "Light" for less confusion
("Classic" referring to a classic 5-start Myth TFL map).

* Three 2-start maps are added: a variation of Light, Heavy Arms, and a
new map called Siege having one team in the center and the other on each
of the corners. All 2-start maps start with the name "Sleepy Hollow 2".


- There is no Unit Trading on Siege and both teams start with the same
number of units.

- The center (defending) team is spread out in advance, but still
divided into groups of four - take advantage of this!

- The attacking team starts equally divided in the four corners of the
map. Coordinating the attack is essential (extra PT recommended)

- Legendary adds: 4 Cannons, 8 Archers, 16 Warriors, and 1 Poacher
to each team (recommended for 4v4 and up)

- Capture the Flag and Balls on Parade are *special* on this map:

The attacking team has a hidden flag/ball that cannot be reached.

If the attacking team has not won outright with one second remaining,
a special defending team "spy" unit will tag the attacking team's
hidden flag/ball - capturing it instantly! Thus the only way for the
attackers to win is by owning (or at least contesting) the besieged
team's flag/ball before 0:01 is reached.

- At the end of the game, there is an annoucement as to whether the
Attackers won, the Defenders won, or it was a DRAW (nobody won). Use
this for playing best of three, best of five, etc.

- Includes a One Minute Truce Off siren (blasts after 0:55 to 1:05),
which can be used for standard Myth, RDF, UGR, Trebs, Airships, etc.

- Try it "blind" (overhead map off) and/or with Airships - yowza!

- v2.1 raises the center hill to make things more balanced (thanks to
Queso for this excellent suggestion!)

"Sleepy Hollow - Redux" is dedicated to:

Thoran - Creator of one seriously sweet map! - Thanks wherever you are! :D

The Order of H'Pak Members and Special Guests - past, present, and future!

Enjoy!! :D

You can contact me via the Order of H'Pak Forums:

I've also included the original readme text here:

------ START ORIGINAL README: ------------------------------------------------


This map was created many months ago and has never appeared at "The Mill"

I thought I would bring it back to the surface in light of three reasons,
first being that there are a huge number of "Classic" myth map fans out
there and second because of the new movie that is soon to come out called
"Sleepy Hollow", and third because the mill is a neato place.

The map was inspired because of my deep seated fear of the tale as a child
and its small country side atmosphere.

This is not a TC and features only classic myth units with 4 diff mesh types.
(Classic, Dark, Heavy Arms and Slug-O-Rama) I think you will find the map both
surreal and very playable. This map can also be found on the cool CD and book
by Deathwhore (J. Charles Holt) The MythII Handbook.

Hope you enjoy this,
THORAN (Todd Huffman)

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corp."
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by:
()1999 THORAN (Todd Huffman) birdman@rmi.net

------ END ORIGINAL README: --------------------------------------------------


Original Map (C)1999 Thoran.
Changes (C)2005-2008 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

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