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Slay it isn't So! and Slay it isn't Teams!

This is a beta test plug in.

I've run it on my machine in numberous forms and games, but I know I haven't come close to testing all the variables. With all new units and scenery and net objects and all, I'm sure there are some things that slipped by. So->

-Please let me know if you find anything wrong or anything that doesn't work.
-Please let me know if you have any suggestions for unit alterations (ie, is the Fetch Priestess too powerful?) Are the units balanced? Are the unit selections and numbers balanced?

Please send any comments to: khodgman@cybergate.net

Quick unit run down.

Krell- slow, solid and very dangerous. Their experience increases with the damage they do so a Krell with several kills is very powerful (maybe too powerful-let me know.)

Fetch Preistess- slow but very powerful. Their lightening has a longer range and more power than a regular fetch. They can also take more damage than normal fetch.

Mezzodemons- fast and dangerous. Most similar to a cross between a Zerk and Myrk.

Imp- very fast but weak.

Chuckler- slow and weak. They are able to throw handfuls of bombs. Their bombs combined can cause much damage, but since they fly in a random way they are best for doing damage to a large force.

Beholder- slow flying with a long range. Their weak-ish gas balls are unlimited and fire quickly, but are slow moving enough to be dodged if you are careful.

Jellyfish- ambient life and stampede animals.

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