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Three-Eyes on the Plains v2.0

This mapset contains 4 meshes. They are all intended to be used with the Somewhere in the Heavens tagset, a Myth to Marathon conversion. Playing these without the tagset is not recommended!

This is an update from the version first uploaded onto MythMaps, 1.0. Changes include:

* No K'lia Killing Spree mesh (it was too hard to balance)
* Fixed mesh edges
* MANY more game types
* 50% more Neanderthal Deathmonger Pfhreakiness

The 4 meshes are:

Blue: A map containing human and S'pht units.
Red: A map containing Pfhor units.
Green: A map containing a mix of Pfhor, S'pht and human.
SPNKR Riot!: 4 Marines. 4 SPNKR XP SSM Launchers. 4 times over the ability to make somebody pay...

All meshes use the Demise on the Plains collection.

If you haven't DL'ed SitH (Somewhere in the Heavens), do it now! It's a great thing if you're a Marathon Pfhreakboi like me...

Get back to me at pickle@ifempire.com if you have any concerns, questions, comments, or just want to praise my genius. Any porn offers will be met with extreme prejudice in the form of my pet Hulk, Drinny. Drinny like smash.

Jungle Pickle

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