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Heal w Steel
The Crystal Knights

This plugin is truly just for novelty. If you use it more than once or twice you seriously need a CAT scan. Some of the sounds are a bit "raw", but I have tried to adjust the volume and clean them up as much as possible. To activate it, you have to use the "plugins" button in the options screen for whatever game you are hosting.

All this plugin does is change or add some sounds in the game. Because it adds some sounds to particular sequences such as making a taunt sound for Trow and Myrk Giants, the collection tag for that unit has to come along for the ride. In English that means adding taunt and celebration sounds for units that didn't have them before makes the file size a bit large for internet download. If your reading this, however, you don't care about that anymore :-)

Play around and see if you can find all of the sounds. Some are quite funny but will only occur if you shoot friendly units, etc. Some of the sounds were recorded by yours truly. Others came from movies, etc. A good source for movie sounds is the EARchives (http://www.the-earchives.com/)

Have fun!


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