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Shiver's Turn  rc9c

by: Pyro (with help from Graydon, Horus, and Zeph)
email: kingpyrro@hotmail.com
site: www.geocities.com/kingpyrro/myth.html
date: September 18, 2008

The final version will come with a HTML guide (maybe) which will explain all the units and anything non-standard.
This plugin includes a single player map as well as some multiplayer maps. When the plugin is activated you will
find the level in red text under the standard ones.

=========== Single Player/Cooperative Section: ===========

I always wanted to use hero units for the Dark, so here it is. This includes the level called "Shiver's Turn"
which is the Myth 2 level "Shiver" if you were the Dark and the situation were reversed. You control Shiver
with a group of elite units of the Dark and you must destroy The Deceiver. Most of the changes to the level
are just conversions from Dark to Light units and vice-versa. Modifications and additions to the scripting
and to some of the regular units.

I added an artifact for Shiver to pick up. It will give you 6 more different elite units to play with as well
as a possible 185 more enemies. It will also take away 3 charges of Shiver's Scream Dream special attack
to make it harder. Once you pick up your artifact, all your elite units will be able to vet up to 50 kills, except
Shiver and giant which will vet up to 15 kills. The artifact is behind your starting location. If you kill all the
enemies you get to fight 3 sentinels.

============= Multiplayer Section: =============

"When Legends Battle" is a 8-team map with each team having their own 6 hero units.
"When Opposites Attract" is a 2-team map in which one side is dark and the other is light.
"If Legends Had Twins" is another 2-team map in which both sides have all of the 8 sets of hero units.

The units have information on how they work in their descriptions. All information on the units can be
found in the book icon. Unit Trading is possible in the 8 team map. Roots heal on touch if they are moving.

================= Credits: =================
Scripting, mesh work, tag work, and other stuff by Pyro
Solo and Multi colormaps, the solo overhead map, co-op netgame image, and initial testing by Graydon.
Plugin image and artifact collection for Shiver's and Deceiver's special attacks by Horus.
Sentinel unit seen in the solo map, modified Shiver, Soulblighter, and Deceiver collections by Zeph.
Drawing used in co-op netgame image by Floyd.
Watcher, TFL Avatara, Balor, Rabican, Myrmidon, Wraith, and pathfinder flare attacks by Project Magma.

=============== Change Log: ===============

_ A few changes from version rc9b which was released September 16, 2008.

The UT selecting unit stuck bug was still there for half the teams. This has finally, been fixed forever. I promise.
The UT script broke the script that gave health back to Soulblighter after using Blight. This is fixed.
Correction was made on Deceiver's Confusion and Teleportation artifacts which were making him immune to paralysis and stoning.
Correction was made on Warlock's Triple Fireball artifact that made it immune to some types of attacks.
Correction was made on some Blight artifacts for team leader units. It would give the units more resistance than what they had.
A possible improvement was made for Deceiver's teleportation attack to work all the time.

_ A few changes from version rc9a which was released September 16, 2008.

Copies made by Murgen had more health than they should due to an artifact issue, this has been fixed.
The UT selecting unit being stuck bug was not properly fixed in the previous version. It is fixed this time.
A minor bug with Murgen's copy appearing script that prevents Murgen's team from being eliminated is fixed.

_ A few changes from version rc9 which was released September 14, 2008.

Unit Trading's selecting unit being stuck and unable to pick a team bug has been fixed.
Murgen's copy attack making multiple copies bug has been fixed.
Murgen's copy appearing script has been made better to reduce the chance of copies not appearing.
Added a description to the tradable units explaining how to use them, just in case players don't read the messages.

_ Over 30 changes from version rc8 which was released May 2007.

Unit Trading allows you to pick either "This Team" to stay with the team you got or "Select Team" to choose a team when PT ends.
During Sudden Death all Wights, Journeyman Heroes, and The Watcher's undead will stop regenerating health.
During Sudden Death any "buried" Thrall Elite will have their health drained unless they choose to erupt out.
Murgen's special attack won't make old copies reappear or stop copies from ever appearing again.
Added tips for both the solo level and the multiplayer maps. (Use the book icon to access them.)
Made Shiver's and Soulblighter's taunt and celebration sounds a bit louder than before.
Removed the two dark roots from the 8-team map. (They were there for testing purposes and were accidently left in.)
Made the Journeyman Hero "upgrade" slower in attacking and less resistant to damage. Altered Journeyman Hero as well.
Edited the string list for Murgen's special attack. (Instead of "Copy" it will say "Cast" since it doesn't copy all types of units.)
The Wraith Elite can no longer be paralyzed nor "charge" at units causing it to catch up to units as fast as Myrkridia.
Edited the color of the Warlocks of Fire on ST's solo level so they look different from the Warlock Masters.
Orbs will now release a weaker version of the Dispersal Dream when destroyed for balance.
Murgen's Alric copy can now pick up an orb but cannot use it. (Useful for a suicide attack.)
Alric can now pick up one orb and use it with 20% mana to do a Dispersal Shot. (Without an orb he needs 80% mana.)
The Dwarven Mortar Hero's primary shooting attack has a lower range matching the normal Dwarven Mortar.
Soulblighter is 50% more resistant to paralysis and has 15% more health than before.
Rabican is 10% more resistant to slashing and kinetic damage, 10% more health, and has 20% slower mana regeneration.
Balor has 74% faster mana regeneration and The Watcher has 95% faster mana regeneration.
Bowman/Archer/Soulless ammo appear 4 times more often than before when you hit a Wight.
The Warlock Hero can now use Inventory (I) to switch between his Triple Fireball or his default Ring of Fire attack.
Fixed a bug where Blight stops working after 36 minutes and 24 seconds (2184 seconds) into the game.
Fixed a bug where if a flare is picked up, it's smoke would stay in that spot until the flare is thrown.
Fixed a bug where Hellfire and the Triple Fireball would not work if a unit stood in its path.
Fixed bug where throwing a dark root at a Mahir Elite would kill it instead of heal it.
The Mahir Elite's special attack now works 100% of the time.
All units now have new flavors that give you tips on them.
Balor, Soulblighter, and the Watcher can now regen mana faster by attacking.
Shiver's primary attack has an extra second of waiting after usage and uses twice as much mana as before.
Myrkridian Elites can have up to 3 roots instead of 4. Blighted Myrk Elites can go berserk at a higher health than unblighted ones.
Dwarven Pathfinders now throw artillery signal grenades (flares) for their special attack instead of dropping sats.
The stormball created by Balor's Fetch stops making "sparks" a little after a minute to prevent reaching the projectile limit.
Balor's damaged absorption value is now at 20% instead of 0%.
Bowmen will now use their "pickup" sequence when they try to pick up ammo.
Grass terrain is now Forest terrain in the hope that fires created by flame arrows are more effective.
All units can now walk on Forest terrain, known as "Unused 0" in Fear.
Deceiver now has an increase possibility to become paralyzed and/or stoned.
Minor changes to the Trow assasin units.
Removed Stampede and Assasin gametypes from the 8 team map.

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