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Shadowmines (Light)
Shadowmines (Dark)
Shadowmines (Champion)
Shadowmines (Football)
Shadowmines (Dwarven Wars)

Version 1.1

- Extended camera view on map edge
- Adjusted map edge passability and heights for better play mechanics
- Mushrooms can now be used as cover from enemy fire, or to bounce cocktails from.
- Added free wight to (Light) to allow for puss tactics.
- Adjusted (Dark) unit trading points.
- As a bonus, a new (Dark Plus) variant has been added which includes a Trow and Dwarven Heroes.

A Badlands production for Myth: The Fallen Lords
Created by Hoder, Turin and Plague.
Badlands website: www.mythnews.com/badlands/

Badlands maps are offered free to the Myth community, however a great deal of time and energy has gone into the creation of these maps, and if you are interested in supporting the continued effort of the Badlands group, contributions or feedback is appreciated. We can be reached through e-mail at our website.

Installation (from Bungie's Myth 1.3 updater)

The star of the 1.3 update is the plugin feature. It allows users to take third party plugins that they download from various Myth sites online and plug them into Myth without having to modify the Myth application. This is done through the plugin folder. This folder can be found in Myth_TFL\tags\local\. Third party maps that end in the .gor extention are placed here. Upon entering the multiplayer options screen you will notice a new list called plugins on the far right side of the interface. Any .GOR files that have been placed into the plugins folder will appear here. If you select a plugin in your plugins folder it will appear in your list of maps. If you select the newly appearing map, you will be able to play on it with all of it's options. However the REALLY COOL thing is that if you select a plugin but select another map all of that plugin's unit changes (assuming the author of said plugin didn't create new monster tags) will affect the map that you use. If it doesn't then you'll need to talk to the author of the plugin.

*** All images and unit modifications (c)1998 Badlands. Any modifications or use of existing maps (including any of the included plugins) is prohibited. Created using: Despair by Kris Amico, MythTech by Mitch Crane, The Fallen Sounds, and MythEd.

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