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Magma - Shadow III

The most popular 3rd party coop for TFL ever - Project Magma’s Shadow II - saw literally
thousands of games on Mariusnet due to the challenge of mastering each of its ominous
attack waves. Expanding on what made this plug-in so great, Shadow of the Mountain III,
exclusively for Myth II 1.4, brings the challenge and fun to a new level.

This is based on TFL's Shadow of the Mountain solo level, with smarter AI (dodging of arrows),
more & tougher enemies, new weapons and hidden surprises, coupled with Myth II 1.4’s unique map
making capabilities makes Shadow III a must have in your plug-ins folder. Shadow of the Mountain III
also includes meshes designed specifically to be used with the Bushido, Blue & Grey, Special
Forces, The Seventh God, and Leggo III tagsets greatly adding to the replayability of this map.

In either Myth 2 or vTFL modes, solo or with a team, enjoy Project Magma’s continuing tradition of
bringing unique variety and excitement to the game of Myth.


Simply copy the file Magma - Shadow III to your plugins folder under your Myth II

The plugin contains maps designed to work with the unit tagsets listed above. You will
need to activate those plugins for the appropriately named map for it to work correctly.


Scripting, unit layout and tag work: IronDuke

Testers included: woof, scrapnjack, lank, BlackAngel, Naeblis, Infininight, GHOST, Grasshopper,
ChrisP, Rubba, Cosmo, Ozone, oogaBooga, Conrad, SiliconDream, Teepens, Graydon,
Myrd, Father Merrin, Shocker, Doobie, Gholsbane, Giliath, Savanarola, Blessed
and doubtless many others that I've forgotten.

Project Magma recognizes the pre-existing rights and responsibilities of Bungie Software
Products Corporation. Portions of this plugin made with Fear, Loathing and other Bungie
products remain under the prior licence agreements for use of those products.

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