; Mythgraveyard

DrunkBob's Amazing Readme!!

This map is not new, but is a multiplayer conversion of 7 Gates, a truly magnificent map. I did a conversion since I have no texture map skillz. :)

Well, put the plugins, in the folders, in the right spot in your "local" folder.

If you have the .gor... Well, put it in wherever you put the .gors for 1.3 ;)

This is still in beta since I had to leave for Europe at the time of this writing. It is mostly finished except for a few goofy things that I want to put in the Dork version.

Ok, there are 6 new units in the Dork version like Drunk Pugilists, Shroom Men, Fir'Bolg Boxers, Kung Fu Trow, Drunk Durfs, and Naturalist Wights. Try them out yourself versus someone to unleash the pure wackiness :)

There are 2 7 player FFA versions, and 2 huuuuge army 2 player standoff versions.

Email me bugs and comments at brendan@cruzio.com and I will take a note of them.

Thanks to El Bastard, Wightmeat, Pillsbury Wightboy, Sancho, Electrofryer, Tino, Vodi, and others for helping me make this map playable ;)

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