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Senex Silvae
Version 1.0

A one-level plugin, Senex Silvae is a masterpiece in map design. You play as a deity, the Old Man of the Forest, gone in quest of a missing portion of yourself. Throughout the map, you will sneak through enemy lines, invisible, contact ancient and potent forces for help, raise armies of deceased souls, lay siege to a castle, and conquer a warlock, made strong by ill-gotten powers.

Created over a period of four months by the author who brought you Parking Wars™!, Senex Silvae is a masterful epic in plugin design.

To use this plugin, simply drop "Senex Silvae v1" into your plugins folder. Be sure that it is named "Senex Silvae v1".
To play the map after the plugin is installed, hold down shift and click "New Game".
Enjoy the map!

Special thanks to:

-my beta testers, King Friday, Modest, and Deceit. I couldn't have done it without you guys!

-Isotropy, who wrote the wonderful music, "No Exit", played during the pregame text. Check out his music at

It rocks!

Created with Fear and Loathing, which are (c) Bungie Software Products Corporation. "No Exit" is (c) Isotropy; used with permission.

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