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Welcome to the read me of Seinaru Tochi

First and foremost: I, Modest, claim no rights creative or otherwise to the Models, Units, Scenery, Sounds, Sprites, Tags or property of the Daimyo project. I have Included the Daimyo Read Me elsewhere in this package which gives the proper credits. Numerous attempts to contact "Deathwhore" and "John Dames" by e-mail ( as specified in the Daimyo read me ) were attempted to no avail. Thus I never recieved official permission to use thier works. However, I found the wonderfull Daimyo goodies irresistable and made this map with the intentions of keeping it within my group of friends. Now I feel enough time has passed since "Assassin!'s" release that it is time for another map featuring the Ninja unit, and the wonderfull "Assassin" tags.

By releasing this thru Creation I in no way mean to include them in any action that might be taken against me, and I claim full reponsibility for any complaints.

Modest's e-mail - modest@bungie.net

Furthermore, I believe that anything created for the Myth engine is not for profit and made because the third party creators love doing it. Thus, all myth tags created by the "players" should be available for other map makers to use, dissect, and enjoy, As long as the proper credit is given. I sincerly hope that no legal action would be taken against me for making this plugin, as I am just trying to enjoy this wonderful game as long as possible. I in no way intend to ruin the work of the Daimyo project (or any other map makers for that matter), I just want to provide a fun map that uses components that I myself am not capable of devising. So to anyone who put thier hard work, time, and love into making Myth maps...Thank you for keeping me entertained for well over 3 years.

December 6, 2000

Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with
Bungie Software Products Corporation's Fear and Loathing by
Modest ( A.Benrubi arhb@earthlink.net)

* please also read the "assassin_read me file included in this archive *

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