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           The Secrets of the Alpha Guard

Alpha Training

The are two secrets in this level. The first was not intended to be a secret, but I did not describe it anywhere in the plugin until V 1.2. The Alpha Captains can pick up the small blue pyramids found in the south and west regions of the level. Once a captain is holding one of these he can shoot a special long range fireball attack. He can still use his normal fireball at clase range. The long range attack will not use up the captains ammo.

The second secret is actually twofold. If you kill all of the target dummies some myrkridian ghosts will attack you. If you kill all of the ambiant life toons of deer will materialize in the middle of the level. (very fun to roast with an atomic fireball)

The Alpha Guard (Level 1)

Like the training level there is only one real secret in The first level. To find it have one of your units explore the area directly behind the starting location. you should find a small mound of earth surrounded by a sandy path. It will be near an area where there are several barrels and some flaming arrow ammo. Have your unit stand on top of this mound and taunt. some very powerful reinforcements will. appear. Once you have summoned the reinforcements the Shade in the center of the level will also appear. you can kill it but the level will not end. Maybe this is because I want to send the message that cheaters never prosperm, or maybe it was just too complicated to try to script the ending actions of my level twice to accomidate for the possibility of the reinforcements.

Out Of The Shadows (Level 2)

There are many secrets in this level. Most of them are places where you can see Rabican durring the level.

Rabican can be seen in the following places.

1. Atop the large rock at the entrance to the eastern mountain. he appears when any of your units approach the rock

2. In the fire after the ghols of the western outpost are dead.

3. when units enter a small brush area on the easern mountain. when you see the pathway that leads down and then up to the outpost procede east rather than entering it the brush patch will be at the far eastern edge of the plateau. As an added bonus rabican will heal all of the units standing in the brush when he appears.

4. When a warrior captain approaches his tent on the eastern mountain. rabican will grant the captain the use of a magical sword. if any other units attempt to approach they will be warned away then driven off with lightning if the do not leave.

In addition to these secrets there is another secret weapon in this level. The barrels in this level contain apples. when these apples are destroyed there is a 1:50 chance that a green worm will appear in the debris. the Alpha Dwarves can pick up and throw this worm with devastating effects.
WARNING - like the RPG in recon the worm will fly much farther than it is intended to you must correct for this manually.

The Secret level can also be accessed from Out Of The Shadows. the find it simply refuse to open the chest at the end of the level. waste all of your captains ammo. he will recieve more ammo each time it is used up. first 5 then 50 then 99. once you use up the 99 firebals the captain will snap and access the secret level.

Catching The Greased Pig (Secret Level)

Somewhere in this level it is possible to find Austin Powers. try looking in the south east. When Austin asks if he makes you horny have the units standing near him taunt. he will explode in a shower of peace symbols and male symbols. try other things with austin as well. he may produce unusual responses

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