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SW to Myth TFL 1.0 README 1.0 READMETEXTttxt1\dzԳSTARWARS-to-Myth The Fallen Lords v. 1.0(!)

Conversion done by Ernie (1840@mac-addict.com).

Check out the Cosmic Monkey web page at: http://www.angelfire.com/co2/cosmicmonkeys/

StarWars to Myth TFL is a plugin for Myth: The Fallen Lords. It changes some of your units to StarWars characters, complete with new sounds and blasters.


Place the contents of the 'Local' folder you have downloaded inside YOUR 'local' folder located: {yourMytfolder/Tags/local/}

Then play. :-)


To make use of the 'Endangered Ewok' plugin, place the contents of the 'MONS', 'STLI', and '.256' like so:

*wigh : {yourMytfolder/Tags/local/mons/}

*wigh : {yourMytfolder/Tags/local/. 256/

wifc and wisp files : {yourMytfolder/Tags/local/stli/}

* there are two files named "wigh". one is the .256 file and one is the MONS file.

How to play the 'Endangered ewok' game variant:

This is a variant to 'Body Count'

Have the hosts of the game select planning time and have unit trading turned ON.

Next when the game starts, you and each of your opponent(s) choose your army, plus ONE (1) 'Endangered Ewok' each.

When the game starts, your main objective is to kill your opponents Endangered Ewok and protect yours. Sort of like Assasin in Myth II.

If someone could create a totally NEW game type some how that made the game automatically end when someones Endangered Ewok Dies ....I would greatly appreciate it

Currently Features:

-NEW UNITS! Such as:
*Bounty Hunters
*Battle Droid
*Artillery Droid
* Jedi Master
* STAP Battle Droids
* Gungans

-New Flavor, name, and Spelling text.

-Blaster shots fly straight!

-Optional 'Endangered Ewok' game variant

-Custom "game start" and "flag captured" sounds

To Be Implemented:

- Have the Droids not spurt blood when hit or die

-Fix 'blinking' graphics bug with the Battle Droids

-Fix the Battle Droids groaning noises when idle.
{probably just a remnant of the Thrall it was modeled after...}


-More sounds

-Fix graphics bug with Stormtrooper when it is blown up.

Thanks to:

-Justin Owens and the rest of the Starwars to Myth II conversion team(owens5@cruzio.com)
For letting me have the use of the 'Bounty Hunter', 'Stormtrooper', 'Ewok' and 'Artillery Droid' sprites from his conversion of StarWars to MYTH II. Visit his ste at: http://www2.cruzio.com/~owens5/

-JoelDay (jday@hotmail.com)

For giving me permission to use his Battle Droid, STAP Battle Droid and Gungan sprites. You can Download his Myth II Battle Droid plugin and is StarWars map "Plains of Naboo" at the Mill: http://mill.bungie.org/detail.taf?view=person&id=819103790

**(as a update, Jole Day is now part of the group "Core" making yet another Total Conversion for Myth II, ""The Third Coil.)**

< http://www.mythnews.com/thirdcoil/core/ >

-Shane McDowel and Ben Knight

For their support and suggestions to the project.

And to all you Beta Testers:


Gandalf =KOA=

Allahalav@aol.com (even though he never returened my email ... (:-\




Blayne Scott

'Ernie' on B.net 2

Weird little Legal stuff:

The sprites Stormtrooper, Bounty Hunter, Ewok and Artillery Droid Copyright 1999 Lan Mandragoran and Mara Jade.

The 'Battle Droid' 'STAP BAttle Droid' and "Gungan" sprites are copyright 1999 Joel Day,

Star Wars and the Star Wars characters are the property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and used within StarWars to Myth the Fallen Lords unit conversion as non-profit for personal use. Myth: The Fallen Lords is the property of Bungie Software. Thankyou, and *may the Force be with you.*

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