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SAS: TUNNELRATS made by mr.sexwax pdb
-The Special Air Service. or SAS (also known simply as The Regiment) is the most elite special force in the world. The Regiment was formed during the second World War as an elite commando unit used to opperate behind enemy lines. As well as "green kit" (military) operations, the SAS today specialises in "black kit" (anti-terrorist) operations as well. The SAS team is trained to enter any building within seconds using tactics which include the use of gas rounds and Hatton rounds. ( Shotgun rounds which remove door hinges and part of the door)
-This is a "black kit" mission. The (censored) have aquired NUCLEAR GRADE elements and are set on deploying a massive scale NUCLEAR ATTACK on the financial capitals of (censored), (censored) and(censored). It is up to your troop to recover these elements at any cost.
Mission Objectives:
-Remain hidden until task 1 has been achieved
-Do not be taken captive, ALIVE.
-TASK 1: Infiltrate below enemy HQ , locate NUCLEAR GRADE elements.
-TASK 2: Retrieve NUCLEAR GRADE elements at all costs.
- If ithe tasks at hand to not permit the retievely of the NUCLEAR GRADE elements resort TASK 3.
-TASK 3: Destroy NUCLEAR GRADE elements at all costs.
-SAS: Tunnelrats requires the WWII Unit plugin by Craig Goodman
(Santa's Head). Drop the file named (SAS:tunnelrats-v-1.0) into
your plugins folder Make sure to activate the WWII Unit plugin
before playing WhareHouse Warfare.
-An Original mesh by Mr. Sexwax.
-Utilizes Santa's Head WW2 Units plugin.
-Game types include; KOTH, STB, LMOTH, BC &Terries.
-SAS: "Green Kit" Patrol with weapons available according to difficulty.
-SAS: TunnelRats with units & weapons available according to difficulty.
-SAS: "Black kit" (S4-8) weapons available according to difficulty.
-Commando with canine on heroic difficulty
-Textures and related are copyright T.yunis
-Soldier Unit copyright Craig Goodman (Santa's Head)
Created Using:
-Fear & Loathing by Bungie
-Adobe Photoshop 5
-Tag Extractor & Amber by Vodi
-No thanks hehehe. Just kidding Im thankful to many. hehehe!
Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products
Corporation, created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing
by T.yunis aka mr. Sexwax

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