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Rooting Grounds v1.1

This is my third map, the others being Vegetable Smoothie (latest version is 1.1) and Vegetable Smoothie Regular; the latter is not available off of the Geocities site (http://www.geocities.com/kingpyrro), as RG is something of an update of VSR (or more like a replacement). Rooting Grounds features a number of regular units, as well as 6 heroes. The regular units cannot be traded for; however, if unit trading is enabled you will have a choice from among the 6 heroes. A brief description of each follows:

Captain Carrot (Captain Among Veggies): A warrior hero of sorts. CC is a dynamic and persuasive leader; for this reason, he can turn any opponent to his side, granted it is not a giant or another hero.

Kernel Corn (Vegarch): Corn has a unique special ability: the Redenbacher Dream. It creates an explosive burst on a single target.

Mr. Bean (Black-Eyed Chocolate Pinto): A superb bowman. He has 9 flame arrows.

Vegeimite (Goop Guard): No one's really sure what he is - but as far as I can tell, Veg is a Heron Guard (more or less), with their standard ability to heal.

Jungle Pickle (Briny Predator): THE BEST HERO! GET THIS ONE (hehehe)! JP is a Myrk with a rather strange affinity for cannonballs...

Dead Beet (Vegpire): He looks ugly, being undead and all, but don't tell him that - he'll suck the very life from you.

A special thanks to Soul for making the pregame.

Jungle Pickle

Updates from v1.0:
„Redenbacher Dream has reduced damage but increased range. KC's recharge rate is lower, and the Redenbacher Dream now uses all of his mana.
„All heroes have the damage they take from different projectiles increased; for example, CC formally took 40% damage from everything he wasn't immune to, and now it's 50%.
„The Trow cannot be auto-targeted, so your units wont attack them automatically when idle.
„JP has no berzerk vitality, in other words, he doesn't go crazy when he's low on health.
„Vegiemite cannot heal himself.

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