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Roland's Dream 1.0r9.2 (final candidate 1 release)

New stuff/fixes (from a 9.0 prerelease version):

- all voices complete
- lame intro music removed (this fixed a bunch of other problems as well)
- some ambient sound classes deleted (fixed problems with sound overload)
- ghost units on your team (in netgames) no longer appear to be fading normal units; they look like real ghosts now
- assorted bug-fixes

known shit:
- I've had a weird thing where some myrks stayed "stoned" instead of disappearing. this only happened once.
- sometimes the wight crashes the comp. I think I've fixed this.
- your ghosts don't count as casualties, or damage, in the final stats. this is because of the method I used to keep the ghost shades even in a netgame; there is no way around it.

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