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"Rocket Dorf Fest!!" Version 5.1 for Myth II ~ by Baak ~ www.orderofhpak.com

Dedicated to the Members and Special Guests of the Order of H'Pak.
Copyright (C) 2003-5 Baak'lor Studios (aka W. Crosby). All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated: 2005/11/11


Once upon a time there lived a Dwarf named Sak...

News of Alric's victory over Soulblighter had finally reached the mountains of
the Northeast, far beyond The Great Devoid, to the quiet little Village of
Foredro where Sak lived. As exciting and wonderful as this news was, Sak and
the other Dwarves of Foredro had their own war to win. They had been fighting
the Ghols of the Great Northern Mountains for so long it seemed their battle
would never end.

Well, not if Sak could help it. He was the inventor of the infamous Sak Cannon
after all, and although his neighbors thought of him as a "bit of a nutter",
they were in for an even bigger surprise the day he presented his latest
creation to defeat the Ghols.

Sak had created - with the guidance and assistance of his lifelong friend,
Kaph the Mad Wizard - a small army of magical Dwarves (including himself),
Trained Ghols (that caused a near panic when displayed), Water Spiders (who
could remain underwater indefinitely), and Kaph Healers (who had the magical
ability to heal remotely).

Some of these Magical Dwarves were Giant, some were Miniature and floated just
above the ground (and over water!), some looked like any other Dwarf - but all
could throw or launch Magic Fireballs instead of the molotov cocktails and
mortar rounds the Dwarves had been using for as long as anyone could remember.

It was this power, combined with the supporting Trained Ghols, Water Spiders,
and Kaph Healers, that led to the final defeat of the Ghols, bringing peace
and tranquility to Foredro at long last...

... The "magical Dwarves" are, of course, the Rocket Dorfs

Meanwhile: Kaph's not-so-nice half-brother, Omoc the Evil, had created his own
Rocket Dorf army... An EVIL shadow of Sak's army that were neither living nor
dead - created to vanquish his half-brother once-and-for-all and conquer the
lands surrounding his secret Ice Fortress, buried deep in the very heart of
the King of the Great Northern Mountains itself: Simalstrang. And as you might
have guessed, these lands included the quiet little Village of Foredro...

... The Evil Rocket Dorfs are encountered in the RDF Solo RD's vs. Evil RD's
games - and they are E-V-I-L!! ;)

Nearing defeat, Omoc consumed nearly all his remaining power and cast a
powerful illusion spell upon Sak and his army in a final desperate attempt
to escape his fate. This spell was so strong that Sak and his army was forced
to relive the epic battles of Alric and Soulblighter before breaking free to
finish Omoc off...

... This is the RDF Solo RD's vs. Myth games, where the RD's take on
Soulblighter and his minions

So what are you waiting for?!? :)

Will you choose to command your own Rocket Dorf army against countless enemies
of like forces in RDF Multiplayer?

Or will you try your hand at defeating Omoc's Evil Rocket Dorfs in the RDF
Solo RD's vs. Evil RD's games?

Or will you hand Soulblighter and his minions some serious RDF Whoop-@$$ in
the RDF Solo RD's vs. Myth games?

Why not accept the Ultimate Rocket Dorf Challenge and conquer them all! :D


The list of changes is located in the RDF Manual:



Rocket Dorf Fest is essentially a "tagset" split into two plugins.

There are the RDF unit plugins (called Unit Sets) and the "all other tags"
plugin known as "+tagz". You pick one unit plugin and add the +tagz plugin.
Without splitting the tagset in two you'd have 145 MB worth of plugins (with
more than 85% redundancy) instead of the mere 14 MB that is RDF.

Once you've played with different RDF Units on different maps you'll soon see
why there are different Unit Sets. Some maps are SWEET with Minis or Mondos,
while others are seemingly built for Giants and RD's.

Then you'll realize that eight *different* multiplayer Unit Sets means you get
to play eight *completely different* RDF games on ANY MAP! :)

This gives you and your friends a *HUGE* amount of variety! For v5.0+ I've
painstakingly converted *400* third-party units so you can play RDF on a
TON of popular maps! DANG!

With this unique two-plugin approach you simply pick the RDF Units you want
to play with and add the special "+tagz" plugin - like so:

~ rdf51 [unit set] <== Pick one Unit Set to play (see below)
~ rdf51 +tagz <== The +tagz plugin *must always* be active

[RDF n00b TIP: Be sure to remove both plugins when (if?) not playing RDF]


Just pick the RDF Unit Set (Multiplayer or Solo) from the list below, then
make the Unit Set plugin *and* the +tagz plugin active - that's it! :)

8 Multiplayer Unit Sets, including 6 "Madness!" Unit Sets that limit the
units on *any map* to a tightly focused set concentrating the battles to
one or two particular Rocket Dorf type(s) while removing most of the melee:

~ rdf51 --colossus-- <== RDF SLUGFEST: Colossi, Giants, RD's!!
~ rdf51 --variety pak-- <== Wide variety of units depending on map
~ rdf51 giant madness! <== Just Giants and a handful of melee
~ rdf51 hero madness! <== Giant/RD Heroes (cool!) and a few melee
~ rdf51 m+m madness! <== Minis+Mondos and a few melee (FUN!!)
~ rdf51 mini madness! <== Minis and a few mini-melee
~ rdf51 mondo madness! <== Mondos and a few melee
~ rdf51 rd madness! <== Classic RD's and a few melee

[RDF n00b TIP: When using Madness! Unit Sets, turn Unit Trading OFF]

4 Solo Unit Sets: Only for use when playing the standard Myth II Solo
Levels, or when using Project Magma's Myth TFL Solo Levels for Myth II:

~ rdf51 solo g's vs erd's <== Giants vs. Evil Rocket Dorfs
~ rdf51 solo g's vs myth <== Giants vs. Standard Myth
~ rdf51 solo rd's vs erd's <== RD's vs. Evil Rocket Dorfs
~ rdf51 solo rd's vs myth <== RD's vs. Standard Myth

[Baak's TIP: My personal favorite for RDF solo is "rd's vs erd's"]

SOLO NOTE #1: I have created some very special separate solo plugins for
levels that "break" due to scripting issues when playing with
RDF. As of this writing, they are:

"RDF!! Banor's Keep"
"RDF!! Return to White Falls"

See the OoH Downloads page for more details and PLAY 'EM!! ;D

SOLO NOTE #2: To play certain third-party solos that I converted (such as
GHOST's most excellent Manistee Paintball), you *must* use
one of the RDF *Multiplayer* Unit Sets instead of the solo
Unit Sets - this gives you EVEN MORE VARIETY!! :D

[TIP: Try "Hero Madness!" on Manistee Paintball solo/co-op!]

There is *so much* to Rocket Dorf Fest that I have written a special on-line
Manual that contains *everything* you need to know to play RDF well (of course
the best way to learn is to play!). Read it or weep as your RDF opponents (who
have wisely read the Manual) rip you to shreds on the field of battle! ;)

RDF n00bs: For your first multiplayer games, play "--colossus--" (remember: you
make the "--colossus--" plugin active AND the "+tagz" plugin active)
Then try "hero madness!". And finally "m+m madness!". If you want
to play some solo/co-op, I recommend "The Great Library" using the
"rd's vs erd's" plugin and then "g's vs erd's". Willow Creek is
surprisingly fun and challenging using either of these as well! ;)


As with v5.0, RDF v5.1 is built to take advantage of the extra cool features
added to Myth II by Project Magma's Patch 1.5.1+

RDF may run under 1.3, but none of the third-party-map units will convert and
the 1.5 features will not be activated (which will probably render it
unplayable). RDF will also run under 1.4, but some third-party maps will hard
crash to the desktop when the number of objects and/or projectiles is exceeded
(this was fixed in 1.5) - of course the 1.5 features will not appear either.

It is thus recommended to play RDF v5.1 with Magma's Patch 1.5.1+ for the best
possible RDF experience! :D


The RDF Manual covers everything here and more, including additional tips such
as "RDF 101: Learn or Burn!" - look for it at the following URL:


MAP MODZ(tm) & RDF TOYZ(tm):

Also check out my Map Modz(tm) especially for RDF:

* StoneHeart RDF!! [OMG!! RDF Heaven!! M+M on Pfinder KoH or LMOTH!!]
* Leagues from Somewhere [Classic map heavily revamped for RDF - new games]
* Triskelion [One sweet map with or without RDF]
* Leggo II (RDF!!) [Special RDF maps plus the unchanged original]
* Banor's Keep [A solo/co-op level mod especially for RDF!]
* Return to White Falls [A solo/co-op level mod especially for RDF!]

And as a BONUS for reading this so diligently, check out my other Toyz(tm) for
RDF!! that make for even MORE fun (you can even use them without RDF!):

"Balls o' Fun!" - Giant, Heavy, Mini or Wacky Balls for Bacon, Captures
or Balls on Parade games!

"Baak's KotH Flipper!" - Flips KotH Flags to KotB Balls and vice versa!

(These *ALSO* work for: WWII, Alien Dark Tide, and Wild West! WOW!!)

And if you need a break from Rocket Dorfs for a game or two, try out my
"Flare Dorfs" plugin - a minor mod of the excellent Original Balin from TFL,
created by El Bastard and extracted from "Bustle in your Hedgerow" (another
great map!). I've made it to now convert all kinds of Dorfs and Missile units
(85 units in all) - try it on my "StoneHeart RDF!! 'Cage'" map sometime! ;)

AND, once I get a chance I'm going to release a set of "RDF!! Modz(tm)" -
special tiny add-on plugins that will change the behavior of certain RDF
attacks for EVEN MORE FUN! O-M-G!! ;D

Good luck and I sincerely hope you enjoy RDF as much as we do! In fact, drop
me a line if you do - I'd love to hear about it! :D

Enjoy!! :D

E-mail: baak@orderofhpak.com

P.S. Post anything RDF-related on the OoH Forums at www.orderofhpak.com under
the relevant topic.



This unaltered readme file must be included with the plugin at all times.

This plugin is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever.
Use at your own risk.

Created with:

Fear (C) Bungie Software Products Corporation
Maps/Solos also created with Loathing (C) Bungie Software Products Corporation
Tahoe and Topaz (C) Vista Map Making Cartel
frhed (free hex editor) v1.1.0 (C) Raihan Kabria - http://www.kibria.de
Perl v5.6/v5.8 (C) Larry Wall
vim (for DOS) by Bram Moolenaar et al.
...and a lot of hard work! ;)

Based on "Rocket Dwarfs" by ig98.

Anything not created independently from the Myth game by the author are
Copyright Bungie Software and/or Take Two Interactive and/or whoever owns the
Copyright at this time.

Any maps or plugins mentioned are copyright by their respective authors.

Any other marks are the property of their respective holders.

"Rocket Dorf Fest!!" and all related independently created material, including,
but not limited to: The Rocket Dorf Background and Story; "Rocket Dorf"; all
RDF Characters, Unit Types (e.g. "Giant", "Mini", "Mondo", etc.), Unit Sets,
Unit Set names (e.g. "Mondo Madness!"), Unit Names, Flavors, Descriptions,
Abilities, Strengths and Weaknesses; Unit Balance; the combination of settings
and balanced units that make up the game "Rocket Dorf Fest!!"; any and all
original RDF graphics or sounds; The Rocket Dorf Fest Manual and any other
related documentation; are:
Copyright (C) 2003-2005 Baak'lor Studios (aka W. Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

No part of "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" (including this Manual and any other related
material) may be used without explicit prior written permission from the
author. This includes, but is not limited to, including on commercial (for
profit) or not-for-profit media, posting on download sites, or using any
portion thereof.

If you want to use the "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" plugin on your own maps, most
likely it will just work "as-is". If you wish to use any portion for any other
reason, post your request in the OoH Forums and we'll discuss it further. Use
the OoH Forums if you have questions about what units get substituted so you
can set things up properly, etc.

Thank you and I sincerely hope you enjoy "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" as much as we
do! :)

The complete Rocket Dorf Fest!! - Acknowledgements & Legal Stuff is here:

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