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=============River of Life NetPlay FFA for Myth 3 ===============
============An 8-start FFA Multiplayer Map by Clem=======

This map is a port of my M2 Map River of Life. The initial M2 version had a solo and multiplayer aspect but here we'll just be getting Multiplayer... at least for now.

Update Notes: Players had reported a few bugs. The worse of which was a bug where Balance Of Life teams would not have any units though all units, flags and observers were placed fine. That mesh was entirely rebuilt and tested. There also are a few unreported bugs fixed in this version thanks to testing efforts with a few dedicated fans.

:::: Meshes

Unit Sets: The different Meshes of River of Life have a wide assortment of unitsets. If you're not a personal fan of one... try one of the others. Odds are one of the 5 will be more to your liking (unless you're looking for OMG GFGG).

River of Life : 8 starts
Stygian Knights (12/20)
Myrkidia (11/15)
Warlocks (2/3)
Dwarves (3/6)
Bowmen Heroes (2/2)
Ghol Shaman (1/1)
Assassin target: 1 Busty Wench

Legends of Life : 8 starts
Ogres (7/12)
Bezerk Heroes (13/15)
Dwarve Heroes (2/3)
Trow (1/2)
Heron Guard Heroes (1/1)
Bowmen (4/6)
Assassin target: 1 Well Endowed Wench

Illusions of Life : 8 starts
Forgotten (15/20)
Ogres (11/15)
Myridian Pack Mage (2/3)
Spiders (5/12)
Soulless (6/10)
Sidercult Priestess (1/1)
Warlock (0/1)
Assassin target: 6 Spider Cultists

Disregard of Life & Limb : 8 starts
Thrall (25/35)
Wights (3/4)
Heron Guard (2/3)
Dwarves (3/4)
Assassin target: 1 Busty Wench

Balance of Life : 8 starts
Stygian Knights (6/8)
Heron Guards (6/8)
Dwarves (2/4)
Ghols (4/6)
Hearth Guard Spearmen (8/16)
Dwarven Axe Warriors (6/10)
Thrall (12/24)
Assassin target: 1 Dwarven Smith

:::: Credits

Design, Colormap, Mesh: Clem
New Column Models: Khrome
Model textures: Clem

Beta testers:
(do not underestimate the value of a good helpful tester. These people helped make this map much more playable than it initially was.
Shitting Bull
Champion of Khorne

Made with Bungie's Fear and Loathing, Vista's Amber, and Adobe Photoshop and of course Vengeance for M3.

:::: Legal

Copyright 1999 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Clem. All other copyrights reserved by their proper owners and title holders.

:::: Contact Info

Obviously with the M3 tools somewhat sparse and undocumented there could always be bugs in this release. Every effort has been made to make sure it's stable and balanced and playable. If you do find a bug please email me the info describing it and I'll do my best to collect them into a fixed version if it warrants a fixed release.
e-mail Clem < clem@fileball.net itsclem@bellsouth.net >

NOTE: At the least you will likely see 3 to 4 ports of M2 maps from myself. You may see some ports of my solo maps depending on the help I get on certain areas and/or the rare chance that some form of scripting ability is made available and/or added into the M3 for Mac Vengeance program. I also have plans on the table for several all new M3 maps. For the time being i'll polish my M3 knowledge on the ports while quietly tinkering with the new maps in isolation.

That's it. Enjoy and most of all Have Fun.


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