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River Crossing v1.0

This is one solo level that takes place on well-known multi mesh (Wabe). This is my first plugin
so scripting isn't really the most complex one you've ever seen. Put this plugin inside your
plugins folder, start Myth and shift-click on new game. It will appear at the end of the list,
after "The Forge". There are no story (I couldn't make things like pregame pictures and narrations
at this point, and I've used postgame pics from "Down a Broken Path" just to make stats available),
but it's much in style of "Down a Broken Path", "Gonen's Bridge" and Chimera levels-enemies featu-
res waves of thrall, soulless, ghols and wights.

Legal stuff:
Copyright 2000 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear
and Loathing by Z. Rupchich, zedex@bungie.net.

Thanks to:Bungie for making so great editors like Fear and Loathing and to Ares from Creation for
making so great scripting guide-without it this plugin would require much more patience, crashes
and of course, skill to accomplish (although there's a bunch of things I'm still trying to figure
out how to use succesfully-like those MOMA's and GEOM's).

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