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These Bungie/Badlands maps were converted for use in the Risk tournament.  
These are final versions and should not have any bugs. Some maps have graphic glitches in
the upper corners of the screen, but this can be almost eliminated by zooming
the view out to it's maximum. You will need the Titans plugin to play these maps.
All the meshes are 4 team with the Titans weapons available at various difficulty levels.

All the maps included in this Plugin are:

A Long Awaited Hunting Party
Dead Man's Float
Dead of Winter (converted by Dozer)
Desert Between Your Ears (includes a T4 mesh)
Drowned Kingdom
Gimble in the Wabe
Raid on the Plains
I'll Fall On Your Grave

Titans units appear on the following difficulty levels:

Timid - Grenades, incendiary grenades and RPGs (smoke grenade does appear on some meshes)
Simple - Add mines
Normal - Add Flamers
Heroic - Add TNT vest
Legendary - Add Machine gun

There are no flaks since they are banned from use in the tournament. Claymores have
also been left out to conserve space.

If you discover any bugs or problems with this plugin, please contact me at
beatknuckles@yahoo.com and include as much detailed information as possible.
A film would be very helpful. Enjoy!

Maps converted by Beat Knuckle except "Dead of Winter" by Dozer. All pre-game pics
created by, and courtesy of, the Antipants.

Titans Units Copyright 1999, 2000 Santa's Head (Craig Goodman) and used with permission.
Copyright 1998, 1999, 2000 in whole, or in part, by Bungie Software Products Corporation.

Thanks to Badlands for making such great maps and to the Risk tournament organizers, Koolaid,
Antipants, Der Tuefel, Shinco and Mock!

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