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<--~~Riot Pack~~-->

<--~~Stuff you need to know~~-->

Thank you for downloading "Riot Pack" Multi-Player map. You may edit my map, so
long as I don't see it reziped, edited, and have your name slapped on it with no
mention of me. Please take some time to download some of my other maps.

<--~~My other maps~~-->

The Wild River, 1 Map (Solo - Easy)
This Old Town, 1 map (Multi - Most Games)
On to the breach, 3 maps (Multi - All Games)
A Horse to Water, 2 maps (Multi - All Games)
Klash in the Keep, 2 maps (Multi - All Games) This map is a modification of a bungie
map, not 100% my map.

<--~~Comming Soon~~-->

Riot Pack, 3 maps (Multi - Most Games)
Riot Pack Mini Campaign, 2 Maps (Solo, Co-op)


<----How to install this plugin?

It is very easy. You unzip this file to your "plugin" folder on you HD (Hard Drive).
If you don't have a "plugin" folder on your HD then Create one in your myth ii directory.

<----Do you provide tech support?

Kind of, I am in no way responsible for what you do with these files. I am not a
corporation. I don't have a one eight hundred number for you to ring when your computer
crashes because you did not follow directions. However for "Bugs" in the map (I don't
mean the water does not always match up perfectly with the blue) or suggestions you can
contact me at Galileo430@hotmail.com

<----Does bungie provide tech support?

No, Bungie is in no way supporting this map.

<----Does this work on Mac?

I think so, it is untested.

<--~~Bugs I am to lazy to fix~~-->

The reflection map does not match up perfectly with the water.

<--~~Thanks to~~-->

Lazybones for helping me to learn how to script
Munger for some help with the crash bug
Coca-Cola (TM)
You for reading this.


Copyright 1999 in part by Bungie Software Corporation,
Created by Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Steven, Galileo430@hotmail.com

<--~~Closeing Remarks~~-->

Just say no to drugs.
No pixels where harmed in the making of this map.

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