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* Rifleman 2.0 by FireFalcon *
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The Rifleman is a very powerful unit but needs to be watched over like a dwarf to make sure he dosen't blast friendlys. The Rifleman will fire 30 rounds before he needs to reload, his rifle also has an RPG launcher, it is activated using the special function
(T Key), the Rifleman will carry up to 20 RPG rounds but starts with only 10 to 12 RPG rounds. The best formation to use with the rifleman is the looseline formation, it allows the Riflemen to space their firing thus causing a "wall" of lead to hold back incoming bad guys. I hope you enjoy the Rifleman as much as I do and feel free to send any questions, comments or improvements to the Rifleman to me at deng@gte.net

Happy Hunting

Also I took on about 50 thrall and 5 souless with 4 Riflmen and the riflemen slaughtered them!

New for 2.0:
*New Sprite colors
*More realistic firing
*RPG more realistic flight
*Speed to animation ratio fixed
*Misc NetGame fixs

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