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“Soulblighter has been killed by Alric inside the Cloudspine. Victory for the Light seems assured, yet many of Soulblighter's forces have escaped and are still ravaging the countryside. Word came this morning that the recently rebuilt village of Willow Creek where this all began is under attack by a large force of Myrkridian ghosts…”

“The only unit available to help the village was Seanchaidh Red Skull, the hero of the Warlocks who became a Heron Guard. Now, armed with only his magics and speed, Seanchaidh must rid the village of the uninvited guests…”

Those of you who play this game incessantly like me will immediately note that this really isn't much modification from the original mesh. All the Krid ghosts were Ghasts in the original. All I did to the mesh was add a few things and modify the script a little to handle only one light unit.*

The Heron Mage, on the other hand, is (IMHO) a fun unit to play with, at least for a while. The primary attack is full-damage Fetch lightning shot out to archer range, and the secondary attack is a wall of flame similar to Warlocks of Fire but it runs twice as long and does more than twice the damage. Krids don't last long under that kind of conditions. The lightning uses 2/100 mana per shot, and the ring of fire uses 55/100. Mana recharges like it did for the original Seanchaidh (Warlock Hero).

Newbie Instructions:
To install, just drop the plugin into the "Myth II:Plugins" folder. Optionally, drop the recording onto the "Myth II:recordings" folder. The recording shows how to beat the whole thing on legendary while taking not one lick of damage.**

*: So why did I make this thing? I like "Shiver" and I like "Willow Creek" (both on legendary). So I decided to sorta combine the two levels and see what I got. I like the results.

**: Experienced Myth players (Prince rank and above) should have no problems completing this level without damage.

Required Legal Stuff:

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: Kam Figy (Jar-Jar Binks on bnet),

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