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Introducing the World of Gloomveil

Cloaked within a shroud of mysterious black Fog, the Gloomveil region is a ghastly realm of danger, exploration and adventure. Amidst the ruins of a long-dead civilization, under the brooding stare of the Barrow Cliffs, lies the Brothers Three Inn. An oasis of nourishment in a harsh land, the Inn is the only friendly place in Gloomveil.

Gloomveil is an original work of online interactive fantasy- an eerie world enshrouded in a thick, magical Fog. Launched in February 2000, Gloomveil.com offers intrigue and adventure for players of any "pen-and-paper" or computer-based fantasy game. Adventurers from all walks of life are invited to Gloomveil's "Brothers Three Inn" for a drink, a tall tale, or to look for travelling companions. The Inn features an extensive "In Game" roleplaying area for those who enjoy free-form RPG.

Beyond the Web-based Gloomveil experience, "Extensions" to the Gloomveil world are being planned for cross-platform computer games such as Neverwinter Nights, Rune, as well as for print publication as a stand-alone game world manual.

"The bar is now open at Gloomveil, a fan world site with excellent graphics and atmosphere." &endash; Silverdawn, Planet Neverwinter

"Gloomveil is quite a remarkable feat that continues to improve with each passing week. Role-playing game fans, fans of Baldur's Gate (Bioware's previous RPG effort) and others are encouraged to check the site out." -Mac Central

"A visual as well as textual feast, this site truly captures the meaning and execution of 'multimedia' - can you tell we like it?" - Michael Eilers, Inside Mac Games

About the Author


Tony "Ratboy" Walsh, the founder of Gloomveil, has been roleplaying and designing interactive experiences for 20 years. Dedicated to high standards in drama, humour, and irony, Tony brings a well rounded gamer's savvy to Gloomveil. Taking the Web-based experience of Gloomveil.com a step further, Tony has developed the idea of "Gloomveil Extensions," works that exist as playable additions, "mods", and other goodies for cross-platform games such as Myth, as well as traditional print and audio-based works.

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