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RIP2 Documentation:

"Rest in Pieces" is a netmap that shipped with the original Myth game, Myth: The Fallen Lords. This map is a reproduction of RIP for Myth 2, with certain liberties taken. It should bring back memories (bad or good!) for those already acquainted with the map from TFL.

R.I.P.2 was released 3/15/01.

Differences from the original:

Myth 2 made many changes to the Myth: TFL engine (most were improvements, while some were steps backward). In keeping with these changes I adjusted the terrain map in areas to assist pathfinding (which was, if you recall, horrible in TFL), and to account for the doubled number of mesh triangles. I also had to spend quite a while screwing with the water on the map, to prevent botched water edges (also seen as soulless "popping"). I also added a few sounds to the map, as water was silent in TFL. The mesh was lowered to allow for more visible units. Lastly I took the liberty of moving a couple trees around, to try and free up tight pathfinding areas. On the whole the map is still RIP, as gameplay should prove. This is not a true port, as if I wanted to play RIP as it was in TFL, I'd play TFL. Damn close, though.

Additional games, and "grey":

Two games, CTF and Assassin, were added to the original meshes. These due to the style of gameplay the maps lend themselves to. Although I considered Koth as an option as well, it did not make the cut as there is no way to balance the meshes for the game. There are too many times to balance: the arrival of the giants, melee, and artillery from 4 locations). Given the odd terrain and passability, this proved improbable and not worth the time. The grey mesh is in keeping with the power unit theme of RIP, Death in the Dire Marsh, and Raid on the Plains. However it doesn't stint the players on other units to get a giant like Raid does, but rather balances the giants available as done in RIP and Dire.

Mesh info: (Unit given/max/trade value)

Light Mesh (4 Teams)
Forest Giants 1/1/24
Journeymen 1/1/6
Bowmen (flameless) 10/16/3
Dwarves 4/7/6
Warriors 12/18/2
Berserks 10/16/3
Ghols 4/7/2
Wights 3/3/3

Assassin unit: statue 1/-/24

Dark Mesh (4 Teams)

Trow 1/1/24
Soulless 10/16/3
Fetch 4/7/6
Spiders 10/16/2
Myrmidon 10/16/3
Ghols 4/7/2
Wights 3/3/3

Assassin unit: statue 1/-/24

Grey Mesh (4 teams)

Myrkridia Giant 0/1/32 (given on assassin)
Forest Giant 1/1/24
Bowmen 8/16/3
Dwarven Mortars 3/5/8
Warlocks 3/5/8
Myrkridia 10/16/4
Maul 12/18/4
Heron Heroes 1/3/8

Assassin unit: Myrkridia Giant 1/-/32

Rest in Pieces 2 Credits:


The Forest Giant comes courtesy of Creation. Visit their site at www.creationgames.com for more information and to download their maps. Thanks to Badlands (ruiner) for the port of the myrmidon tags. Ports of much of the scenery are the gracious contribution of M0bitz.

Created by Jason Beach (Stinger) using Bungie's Fear & Loathing, Amber, Tag
Extractor, Photoshop, Bartok, tagedit, and Graphic Converter. Thanks to those who helped test the map and gave me aid in creating it El B in particular).

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