; Mythgraveyard

"Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.  Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by: The Watcher

This is my first release so please don't be too harsh reviewing it.

To play: Put this in your plugins folder and go on B-net. If you wanna play single player
offine just go to multiplayer and pick other. Host your own game and choose the level you wanna
play or replace your local folder with the one included and play single player like you do

This plugin attempts to make Myth2 more realistic. It makes melee weopons more powerful as well
as more making the damage more random. It gives archers longer range and more power, but detracts from there accuracy.
Dwarfs, Morters, and warlocks are much more powerful. It also limits some units weopons:
Archer-30 arrows MAX 50
Dwarves-10 cocktails MAX 16
Mortors-8 shells MAX 12
Souless- 15 Javelins MAX 30
It also changes the points value of some units depending on there strength.

I couldn't test this on B-net because it has not working right for awhile, but I put it
on a disc and had a bunch of my friends test it SOLO and they all liked it. I hope you do to



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