; Mythgraveyard

real craters v1.1

now makes fetch lightning create divots in the ground!

with this plugin, your satchel charges, mortars and fetch make permanent craters in the ground.

enable this plugin in the multiplayer options window for multiplayer, or extract the tags into your local folder to use them in single player.

donÕt ask quite how i did it. it was a complete fluke, but good enough to distribute. i did it because i felt inspired to make satchel charges ripple the ground like they did in myth 1.

use it at your own risk...

if you want to use it in your own maps/plugins, please ask my permission (email address below), because i did go to the effort of actally making this thing. if you do use it, please put my name somewhere in the credits. (if you ask, iÕm not likely to say no. just tell me what you want to include it in :)

copyright 1998 in whole or in part bungie software products corporation.
created with bungieÕs fear and loathing by: danya rose, lank69@geocities.com

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