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Rathaus v2 by Alpha co (Jim Stadler   ARMY
Made with Fear and Loathing Bungie Software
Uses Titans units Santa's Head (Craig Goodman)

You must use the Titans Units plugin to play this map.

Rathaus is dark. Very Dark.. Hence a night map. There are four meshes.
1) Elimination
2) Patrol
3) Fire Team 6 soldier units or 2 Soldiers and one RPG Canon
4) Attack Squad-(A-2) 20 Soldier units or 16 soldiers and one RPG canon.

As with the other maps I've made I keep this one in the Recon style of man against man. No tanks. I have a great fondness of the skill it takes to use the soldier unit.
This is actually the first map I ever made. Thas why it is being released after the quickies I've made. They were practice for this one. I have limited the pickups and spaced them out. The rifle is where the skill lies. It's a large map with a lot of room to fight without being hindered by trees. There is cover though. There are berms near the river for cover and vantage points. Behind the housing along the streets you have small hills to dodge in and out of along with the housing as cover.
I really hope you like this one.
Alpha co (Jim Stadler) jstadler@carolina.rr.com

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