; Mythgraveyard

ok this unit works for me the other version was screwed up it didn't work 
because i was missing 2 tags sorry for the inconvenence 

ok this is my first unit i personally think its purty good but if you dont kiss my ass. I will be updating periodical for the people who give me feedback remember this only the beta.

To use just drop in the plugins folder. This replaces fetch and all locks.

The mages are powerful sorcerer's who unlike the warlocks have dedicated
their lives to the study and survival of The Magic. It would probably be best
if u used this plug in coop because it has 1 dispersal dream spell but it
makes for some interesting net games as well.

Special thanks to the makers of the solo/coop meshes Fall and Recapture
of scales i used some of the mages attacks. And to the Muirthemne Militia
for helping beta

Copyright 1998 in whole are in part Bungie Software Products Corporation.
Created with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Raistlin,

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