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Raisin Barn v1.0.3  <-- Note Version Number that says v1.0.3! Important!

In a time long past, the carpenters of the Unions came again into the lands of Men. Their leaders became known as the Foremen, and their terrible carpentry was without equal in the West. In thirty weeks they reduced the civilized forests to houses and trash, until the free vale of Post alone defied them. A township gathered there, and a barn raising was held there for the Foremen.

Pensions were born in the hammering and nailing of the works that followed, and the owners of the deeds will never be forgotten...


Hah! You wasted all that time to download THIS netmap instead of another one! Aren't you feeling silly now! More taunting to follow in a later version. Oops, later version now, but I'm still short of time for taunting. Maybe in the Final release. Oh hell, Final release now, and I'm still short on taunting. I wonder if I should just remove this archiac placeholder...

Anyways, to install this map, place the file named raisinbarn.gor into the plugins folder inside your tags folder (this folder should be easily located in your main Myth folder). It should work fine at this point, and if not, make sure that your folders are named right, that the raisinbarn.gor file was properly decompressed, and that you have sacrificed a chicken to the darker gods that lord over internet transfers.

If you figured out the double pun in the name, good for you! If you get the jokes in the text block above, then you're definitely two scoops of it.

For those of you wondering, yes, I am doing everything humanly possible to make this the biggest damn .gor you will ever download! Currently at 7.6 megs and counting... you cannot imagine what a pain this thing is to carry around on floppies. Oh well, at least it will discourage people from emailing it to each other...

Which reminds me-- if you're going to distribute this hot momma, only distribute the original, compressed version of it. Don't unwrap it, gaze longingly at it's bloated form, and then recompress and send it. This may result in a corrupted .gor, corrupted checksums and incompatabilites, a major headache for me, and an even larger one for you once I'm done backing a '62 Parisienne over your skull. Have a nice day.

If you find a serious problem (dammit!), email me at ferrex@mythcodex.com, and we can look into rectifying the situation. If you are having a serious problem, sure, email me too and I'll see what I can do to help. If you are a serious problem, seek help.


The Light version is a traditional light unit map, based on "I'll Dance on Your Grave"'s unit selection.

The Dark version is in there just to piss orange off (hehe ;). No trow or fetch, though-- trow aren't too hot for FFA games like this, and fetch are just way too powerful in an urban setting. Instead, the Dark version focusses on fast troops and mobility. Note also that dwarven hero's can throw over small houses...

The Team version was hacked together at Case's request, so he can play Terries on something other than Desert or Creep all the time. This version has two large armies instead of six small ones, and is (you guessed it!) designed for team play. Troop selection blends some light and dark units, focussing on melee (arcs are fodder, and you don't need them). 31337 captain hit squads and 31337r (is there a hAx0r d00d symbol for "r"?) spider queen squads should make it interesting enough.

The Blind versions of each map are more or less the same, except with special overhead maps that render your opponent's troops invisible (it's a dirty hack, but somebody had to do it). Very fun. Breeds paranoia and ulcers, though. And those black dots are just there to show where flags are located in Terries games, and to serve as reference points in other games... it's too bad you can't switch the overhead with the game type. Oh well...


Spider queens are a bit faster and a bit weaker than normal queens, but they are still very damn potent. Watch out for them, especially on the Blind variants.

Warrior captains are a bit faster than normal warriors, and hit faster too. Much like berserks, in fact, except with more life and a very fast recovery time from paralysis (in part to offset the advantages of the spider queens). They are worth 6 points too, though you never trade for them-- this only makes a difference when you're playing BC.

Journeymen have increased range with their healing, which solves some problems with their pathfinding, and also makes them considerably more useful in combat, since you can actually heal units in a tight formation. A bug in v1.3, affectionately code named "Drunk Journeymen", kept me from really playtesting their impact, but I imagine it will vary directly depending on the player.

Heroes of the fir'bolgish and dwarven persuasion have some new names and flavor text. There are a few in jokes hidden in there, so don't be surprised by names like "Orfg" and "obi'Wan".

The "Mega Unit" variant never made it in, so no lightning arrow shooting forest giants with paralyzing punches. Sorry.

Known Strategies

Strategies? In a Readme file? Pshaw... no really, strategies? Sure, why not.

All - Use satchels. Alleyways are fantastic places to lay charges and set ambushes, especially if you either want to force someone to go another way or that person is forced to come through. And remember that some barrels are loaded with explosives--if you blast one of them open and then light it up with a second grenade, you can blast a nice sized hole in any passing force. On the topic, note that some barrels contain those narotic mandrake roots, and those journeymen just love those. A journeyman with a full load of tha root and their slightly increased range can inflict serious hurt on a group of thrall, and even a group of myrms if they're not looking...

Light - Use your dorfs. By scooting around between the buildings, dorfs actually have a chance to get in close without being shredded by archers. Two dorfs, working in a team, can eradicate very large numbers of warriors and thrall, and there have been instances where a single dorf rushing a group of archers packed into an alleyway has killed seven or eight with one grendae.

Dark - This is an extremely fast paced variant-- some testing games were essentially decided and over no more than three minutes into the game. Troop mixing in this map works extremely well, as serks and myrms go together like bread and butter. And if you throw your queens into a mixed group, their paralyzing bite can seriously affect the outcome. Another thing to consider is serks vs. myrms in pregame selection. If you think you'll have a chance to heal your units, serks are probably the better bet. If you're rushing the hill in an LMotH or KotH game, take myrms for sheer volume. Finally, when using queens, remember two things-- never run from other queens, even if you cannot hope to win (at least you can inflict collateral damage), and those dorf and archer heroes will usually take longer to kill than you might think...

Team - Use those thrall. One testing game of LMotH ended in a surprise victory because thirty thrall managed to block an alleyway long enough to prevent the opposing team's main force from reaching the hill. All thirty thrall were lost and managed only three kills in the melee, but hey, they did the trick. And take care of your Captains-- it's an easy thing to retreat and heal them, and and experienced captain can kill just about anything without allowing it to land a single hit.

Blind - Be paranoid. Orbit that camera constantly, watching for any units that aren't yours. These variants are absolutely rank with dorfs and spider queens sneaking up from behind, and two dorfs or a squad of spiders in the backside can really ruin your day. Also, when tailing someone, use the scenery as cover! Your group of serks standing behind a barn might look silly to you, but if you opponent is just orbiting over his troops and not really looking around, they're invisible to him. Also, always listen for the buzz of an approaching wight... it just might save your hinder.

Deep Thoughts

I now like the pregame screens. Thank god for delays in v1.3.

Arcs are fodder. Dorfs eat them like nobody's business in this map. Spider queens eat everything. Thrall, on the other hand, have a chance, because dorfs (while nifty in urban combat) are dumb as sin and will throw a bottle into a wall if there is a thrall on the other side. Oh, and never run from a spider queen. It goes nucking futs and speeds up about 2x whenever it's attacking, and absolutely nothing can outrun it. Your best bet is to fight.

I really like the Dark variant. It kicks ass. Blind is better, though.

Still can't keep balls from rolling into buildings when being pushed by an overzealous ghol or spider. Be careful, and hope that the ball bounces out. It does, sometimes.

One tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor.

And finally, yes, I know that some of the buildings are lit on the wrong side-- I tried to fix that, but it refused to play dice with me. So look at those light defying barns and suffer if you must. At least the rest of the map works. Except the edges, but hey, most units should be able to climb a slope like that anyways. And who the hell goes to the edges when there's this much map to play on?


Thanks go out to all of my beta testers, who are still laboring on this map instead of doing useful work. Cheers to you guys. Thanks also to Cameroon, Loshadh, and Hideyoshi for helping me fix that damn quivering barn problem. Special thanks to Kris Amico for Despair, Deacon Indigo for MythTech, and Vodi for Amber-- Couldn't have done it without these tools.

Done what, you ask? Shaddap.

Thanks also to Malory and Kag for helping me decide on a name, Case for the Team idea and general impetuous to finish this sucker, El Bastard for the (never used) Hero version, and everyone who encouraged me by saying "neat map" (even if they didn't mean it. ;)

Thanks also to my chair for it's excellent lumbar support, faithful cat WoodŽ (pronounced "woo-day") for spiritual counselling, and KMFDM for the soundtrack required for the creation of this map.

Version History

1.0.3 - Fixed a phantom house problem in the passability map

- Final, release version (I hope)

1.0.2 - Redid the pregame screens yet again. They're dithered, but at least there's no green in the grey

- Gave the captains some new names and flavor. One or two in jokes, and a tribute or two...

1.0.1 - Redid the pregame screens

- Changed the units in the Team variant yet again

- Touched up the overhead map again

- Weakened the spider queen oh so slightly

1.0 - Touched up the overhead maps. They look less artificial now.

- Swapped the units in the Team variant around. Slowed them down a bit by adding thrall. Lots of thrall.

- Tried lowering the meshes again, but I don't think it worked. I think it's as low as it will go. Limbo mesh.

1.0b6 - Created and added the Team variants.

- Modified the DeluxorRedOutª map so that you can still see flags captured by the enemy (a hack, but it works).

- More buildings in inconvienient places, and some trees fouling the NW passage.

- Lowered the mesh (I think... it looks lower...)

1.0b5 - Attempted to add Scavenger Hunt and Flag Rally. Didn't work. I cried a lot that day.

- Replaced the InvisoMapª with a the DeluxorRedOutª map in the Blind variants.

1.0b4 - Added flags so that CTF games would last substantially longer. What a bonehead mistake that was...

- Axed the Blind map, and made Blind versions of Light and Dark

- Some changes to the Dark units

1.0b3 - Fixed a problem with a captures ball being stuck in a tree (who put it there?)

- Added the Dark and Blind Variants

- Generous mood... new pregame pictures for all!

1.0b2 - Added this slick Readme file, that PC users will still have a bitch of a time reading...

- Choked the NW and SC spots a bit, added some trees.

- Hid those damn journeymen, who are still sehr betrunken.

- Made the pregame screen purple.

1.0b1 - The original. La originale. Numero uno. Yeah.

Gratuitous Reference to Malory

There ya go buddy.

Created by Ferrex the Dead. Copyright 1998 Departed Deptartments. No warranty offered. Booyah!

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