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ROoF Riot

ROoF Riot has been a long time coming, but the work is finally over.
What I strived to do with this map was combine the standard and riot
forms of game play. This map contains 9 versions for your replaying
pleasure. The are:

Hero -- You have 12 starting locations and 5 dwarven heros. This is a
kickback to the more standard riot games.

Marine -- In this version you get 5 of Gangrene's dwarven marines and
one riot cannon. The marine is quite possibly one of the most fun units
that I've ever used. He attacks with a poisoned blade and has a secondary
timed satchel charge. There are 8 starts.

Mercenary -- You get mercenaries, dwarven marines, and 2 dwarven wizards.
The wizards have a secondary lightning attack that uses mana. There are
8 starts.

Oxbow -- This one features the great unit selection found in Gangrene's
Oxbow II: Dwarf War. 6 of the 7 dwarf types where created by members
of the ROoF (Regular Order of Fries). There are 8 starts.

Hoth -- So named in honor of the unit selection found on my first map,
The Battle of Hoth. You get zerks, 5 explosive deer, and a dwarven poultry
unit. There are 8 starts.

Slugfest -- This version combines the units of slugfest with the game
known as riot. The only difference is that the wights are a little faster
so watch out! There are 9 starts.

More Normal -- In this one you get a more normal selection of units.
Zerks, warriors, archers, ghols, journeymen, wights, dwarves, and a trow.
The assassin target is a chaos cannon (so called because it fires in
five round bursts). This version is very fun to play with the Titans plugin.

Melee -- This is the first of two, 2 start versions. Some of my ordermates
like the all melee deathmatch games so I made this version for them.
You get a massive 240 points to spend on 8 different melee units.

2 Team -- This is a 2 start map designed to be played with teams. It can
be played one on one but it's more fun and the strategy possibilities
increase with a teammate.

I hope you enjoy and please go the The Mill and rate it if you like it.
Thank you.

Copyright in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Co. 1998. Made
in whole or in part with Bungie's Fear and Loathing by Brian Dixon, HaloNinch@aol.com

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