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Rocket Dorf Fest  : Internal Formations (v0.8) - Frequently Asked Questions   

Q: What is this:
A: A modification for Bungie's "Myth: Soulblighter" real-time strategy game.

Q: No really, what is this?
A: A Myth 2 "enhancement" for use with Baak'lor's most excellent "RocketDorfFest" (RDF) plugin.
(Download the RocketDorfFest plugin at , or check for more info)

Q: What does it do?
A: This "enhancement" replaces the standard myth 2 unit formations with some formations that are a little more Rocket-Dorf friendly.

Q: Huh? What are "internal formations"?
A: When you select a group of units and press one the number keys (0-9) the units line up in one of 10 standard "formations" (e.g. short line, long line, loose line, encirclement, box, rabble, etc). These are called "Internal formations".

Q: Why would I want to replace the unit formations?
A: The original bungie formations work great for normal myth games and units, but the units all stand pretty close together. In Rocket Dorf Fest the explosions are so large that a single rocket can wipe out a very large number of troops if they are standing close together, which they generally are if one is using the standard Bungie formations. This file replaces the standard formations with formations that spread the units out a lot more. Now, if you select all your units and then put them into one of these formations they will be less susceptible to being wiped out by a single lucky shot from one of your opponents. It is still possible for an opponent to take out several of your units with a single shot, but it takes a lot more skill and is a lot less likely to wipe out a large # of units at a time if you are using these RDF internal formations.

note #1: If you don't use internal formations in your mything, replacing this file will have no effect on the gameplay.
note#2: This file or it's lack should NOT cause any OOS ("Out Of Sync") problems.

Q: Can you give me an example of how these formations are different?
A: Sure. Lets look at formation #3 "Loose Line".

Using the standard bungie formations, if you selected 6 units then selected "Loose Line" (3) the units would line up something like:


Using the RDF formations, the same 6 units line up something like:


Q: How do I use /install these new formations?
A: I thought you'd never ask.

All you need to do is copy the "internal formations" file included in the zipped/stuffed file you downloaded into your Myth 2/local/formations folder.
(If you don't HAVE a formations folder, just create a new subfolder in your Myth 2/local folder and name it "formations" then put the file in it.)

That's it - when you start up Myth the new formations will be active.

Remember: The RDF formations will override the standard Bungie internal formations so these new formations will be active for ALL myth games you play, whether they are RDF games or not.

A: Ok, technically that is NOT a question, but since you asked so nicely; To get the original formations back, just move the "Internal Formations file" out of your Myth 2/local/formations folder. If there is no internal formations file in your Myth 2/local/Formations folder Myth will use it's normal builtin "standard" formations.

Q: I think your formations suck, what values did you set things to? I want to tweak them and make my own!
A: Start the Fear application and open the formations file, OR just look at this file : RDF-formations-v08.gif.

Q: More RDF Questions?
A: Try the RDF forum on mythforums.com, read the RDF documentation that came with the RDF plugin, or contact me directly at RDFformations@vinylrake.net.

These RDF internal formations were "created" by vinylrake and are 2003, All rights reserved.
This formations file was made with Fear, which is a tool created by Bungie.
Visit my ever-growing pile of myth-related stuff at www.vinylrake.net/myth

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