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RDF!! "RDF!! Return to White Falls" ~ v4 for Myth II ~ by Baak

Designed for use with the "Rocket Dorf Fest!!" solo plugins:
"solo rd's vs erd's" (my fave) or "solo g's vs erd's"

NOTE for v4 2005/01/18: Many thanks to Hawksy who reported an annoying bug
that was introduced with the more aggressive Evil T-Ghols from RDF 5, namely
the Cannon Guards (that you must kill to win the game) would abandon their
posts to hunt you down! Needless to say this is not good. They will now
remain at their posts, thus forcing you to fight your way to the top of the
ramps and kill them. I have also made them as the "white with black chest"
Evil T-Ghols (as seen in Murder of Crows) to easily distinguish them from
standard Evil T-Ghols. Enjoy!! :D

The scripting on the standard "Landing at White Falls" solo level didn't work
well when played with RDF - if you kill the soulless/minis in the bunkers too
quickly, the game ends!

Also it's way too easy to blow up the cannons from the outside of the fort by
pummeling the walls with Fireballs, so...

I present for your enjoyment: "Return to White Falls" for RDF!! :D


A small army of Evil Rocket Dorfs decided to set up base at the Fort near
White Falls. They have HEAVILY reinforced the fort itself against attack
by Rocket Dorfs, forcing you to go INSIDE the fort and up the ramps to kill
the crews manning both cannons.

This can be a TON of fun and very challenging!! :D

To Play:

You must use the latest RDF v5 plugins. "RDF!! RTWF" is best played using the
"solo rd's vs erd's" (RD's versus Evil Rocket Dorfs) RDF Unit Set as follows:

z rdf50 +tagz <== The +tagz MUST be Active to play RDF
z rdf50 solo rd's vs erd's <== RD's vs. Evil Rocket Dorfs Unit Set
RDF!! Return to White Falls v3 <== The "RDF!! RTWF" plugin

Then the host (you can play by yourself) needs to shift-click the check box
that says "Use Single Player Levels" (the shift-click will make this level
visible at the bottom in purple text). If it doesn't work the first time then
just shift-click that box again until it does. Select "RDF!! RTWF" and see if
*you* can defeat the Evil Rocket Dorfs before they decimate Alric's ship!

NOTE: You need to get up on the sand (or very near it) before firing at the
enemy or your Fireballs will likely explode on the slope of the beach
and keel u! Beware! :D

Also once inside you have to micro-manage your troops to negotiate
those ramps - they are *intentionally* difficult to climb (especially
for Giants) - this is the FINAL challenge of the map! :D

TIP: Use those Slow Fireballs (T-attack) to take out the enemy once you are
far enough up the ramps.

Play on Legendary if you dare...

... but most of all: HAVE FUN!! :D

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. Drop me an e-mail at: baak@orderofhpak.com if you enjoy "RDF!! RTWF"


Copyright (C)2003-5 Baak'lor Studios (Wayne Alan Crosby). All Rights Reserved.

Change Log: 2003/08/29 - 1st Version
2003/12/24 - 2nd Version
2004/11/07 - 3rd Version (Alric wouldn't die with RDF 5!)
2005/01/18 - 4th Version (RDF 5 Cannon Guards abandoned post!)

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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