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RDF!! "Banor's Keep" ~ v1.2 for Myth II ~ by Baak

No matter how hard I tweaked the Evil Rocket Dorf King, Banor (aka Red Beard),
I just could not get the solo/co-op level "The Baron" to play well with RDF...

So, I dove into the scripting realm and have come up with a solution.

I present for your enjoyment: "Banor's Keep" for RDF!! :D


After creating his Evil Rocket Dorf army, Omoc the Evil decided they should
have a King: a humongous Giant Rocket Dorf endowed with a terrifying Gigantic
Red Fireball, a mean temper, and Magical Armor that could withstand tremendous
amounts of damage.

His name - though never spoken aloud - was Banor.

Omoc decided the best place for the new King was the Baron's Keep, so...

One day the Baron vanished. It was rumored that Omoc had magically duplicated
him - creating hundreds of mindless copies of his former self, emptied of
everything but the ability to flee from attackers, and left to wander the
Wild Lands forever...

NOTE: Play "The Wild West" hunting games using any of the RDF Multiplayer
Unit Sets to see for yourself! ;)

Banor now resides in the Baron's former Keep - and intends to stay there.

Rumors abound regarding Banor, but the most common thing heard is that he is
heavily guarded by a small army of fiercly loyal Evil 2Pus T-Ghols, Evil Mondos
and Evil Water Spiders; that none have returned who have entered his Keep; and
that to hear the sound of his Gigantic Fireball exploding can turn even the
bravest warrior into a quivering pool of goo...

To Play:

You must use the latest RDF v5 plugins. Banor's Keep is best played using the
"solo g's vs erd's" (Giants versus Evil Rocket Dorfs) RDF Unit Set as follows:

z rdf50 +tagz <== The +tagz MUST be Active to play RDF
z rdf50 solo g's vs erd's <== Giants vs. Evil Rocket Dorfs Unit Set
RDF!! Banor's Keep v1.x <== The "Banor's Keep" plugin

Then the host (you can play by yourself) needs to shift-click the check box
that says "Use Single Player Levels" (the shift-click will make this level
visible at the bottom in purple text). If it doesn't work the first time then
just shift-click that box again until it does. Select "RDF!! Banor's Keep"
and see if *you* can defeat Banor and his army!

Banor is pretty darn tough (basically 16x as tough as a RD Giant) and has a
mean temper when he gets in the mood. He will try for the exits just like The
Baron and he moves faster than a Giant. Normally, however, he prefers to come
after you and decimate your army first - so keep a sharp lookout!

That reminds me: because of the sheer terror he induces, Banor cannot be
auto-targeted ...

Did I mention he is 16 times as tough as a RD Giant? ;)

I also strived to make him much more unpredictable and act the way I would
expect him to - I believe I succeeded rather well. :)

In fact, I suggest you play this several times - it plays differently each and
every time! Sometimes he will go for an exit, but more often he will hunt you
down and wipe you out. If he starts charging for you, I recommend you run and
spread your troops out *quickly*!

The map has also been modified slightly to allow for the Evil Mondos to pester
you with Mini Fireballs that they can lob OVER the inner walls. Be warned that
they can pick you to pieces (especially bunched 2Pus T-Ghols) and untended
Giants will whittled away to nothing - do *not* underestimate them!

Play on Legendary if you dare...

... but most of all: HAVE FUN!! :D

Enjoy!! :D

P.S. You also might get a kick out of a multiplayer version of this I created
(inspired by a request from Queso) called "I Am Banor!" ;)

P.P.S. Drop me an e-mail at: baak@orderofhpak.com if you enjoy "Banor's Keep"


Copyright (C)2004 Baak'lor Studios. All Rights Reserved.

Change Log: 2004/03/27 - First Version
2004/04/03 - Additional tweaks to Banor's behavior + RDF 4.3 stuff
2004/04/07 - Extra randomness for Banor and Evil Units - Muhahaha!

This is freeware and comes with no warranty whatsoever. Use at your own risk.
You are free to post this plugin on non-commercial media, but you must include
this unaltered readme file with it at all times.

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