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Use this as your local folder and you'll be able to use 6 types of magic arrows. These are based on, but not intended to duplicate exactly, the arrows of the 6 magic bows of Myth TFL. (Only two of these, the Bow of Furious Incandescence and the Bow of Stoning, actually appeared during gameplay.)

The magic arrows are artifacts; each artifact, when picked up, gives your unit a certain number of arrows to fire as a special attack. Your unit must use up all the arrows to pick up another artifact. The artifacts, when lying on the ground, all look like ordinary fire arrows, but each is adorned with a "special effect" to indicate what type it is. They also look like fire arrow icons on your Bowman's status bar, when picked up; if you hit "T" to start a special attack, the name of the arrow will come up. They can't be picked up by Ghols. Possession of an artifact often makes a unit immune to a certain type of damage.

I didn't want to have ordinary Bowmen use the magic arrows, because their value would then be much greater than their cost in multiplayer, and it would be hard to keep track of their special attacks. So I've created a new type of Bowman, the Bowman Champion. Think of him as an Bowman Hero in training; tougher than an ordinary Bowman and a little more accurate, the Bowman Champion's firing rate and accuracy increase dramatically with experience, approaching the skill of a Hero. Bowman Champions cannot use ordinary fire arrows; the magic arrows are their only special attack. They don't carry any magic arrows at the beginning of a game. Generally, they don't fire magic arrows as accurately or as swiftly as ordinary arrows, but these skills also improve with experience. Bowman Champions cost 5 points each.

You can bring the magic arrows into your game in two ways: You can open up Loathing and place the arrow artifacts around the map to be found, or you can use the Quartermaster unit. This unit, as a special attack, will summon a random type of magic arrow artifact; the more powerful an arrow type, the less likely it is to be summoned. It requires a full mana bar to summon one. Quartermasters have no primary attack and can take very few hits, although they can sometimes use their teleport powers to deflect a blow or incoming projectile. They cost 2 points each.

Bowman Champions and Quartermasters have their own unit tags, but it's usually easier to substitute them for some other unit. If you want to do this, go into the "Alternate Units" folders in this folder, take out the tags with the names of the units you want to replace, and drop them in the "Units" folder inside the local folder. I've only included a few units you might want to replace with Bowman Champions or Quartermasters. Now, a few words about each type of arrow:

Arrow of Enervating Ague (Paralysis Arrow)
Does slightly more damage than an ordinary arrow, and--duh--paralyzes its target. It can be fired point blank. The artifact, on the ground, has wight gas wafting up from it. 5 arrows per artifact. Makes the holder immune to paralysis.

Arrow of Implacable Combustion (Incendiary Arrow)
A more powerful version of the ordinary fire arrow. It bursts into a cloud of flame on impact, injuring anyone within a few feet and setting off any nearby explosives. It sets a larger area of ground on fire, can't be put out by rain, and explodes even if it hits water. The artifact has a stream of fire floating up from it. It can be fired point blank. 5 arrows per artifact. Makes the holder immune to fire.

Arrow of Furious Incandescence (Lightning Arrow)
A powerful, long-range lightning bolt; its strike does damage over a smaller area than Fetch lightning, but more secondary bolts hit nearby units. The strike sets off nearby explosives, but the bolt doesn't do this as it travels (unlike Fetch lightning). The bolt curves, so it will sometimes hook around an obstacle and hit a target who should be safe on the other side; or, when it should hit a target, it'll miss when it curves and strikes a tree or wall. The artifact emits small, harmless bolts at anyone who comes close. It can be fired point blank. 3 arrows per artifact. Makes the holder immune to electricity.

Arrow of Myriad Reflections (Forking Arrow)
As it travels, it constantly and repeatedly divides; when one arrow is fired into the air, forty may come down. The arrows diverge slightly when they duplicate, so they come down over a wide area. The minimum and maximum distances for this attack are both larger than for an ordinary arrow; it can be fired from farther away, but not from as close. The artifact looks like a cloud of arrows. 3 arrows per artifact.

Arrow of Stoning
Petrifies the target. The artifact has dust rising from it. 1 arrow per artifact. Makes the holder immune to stoning.

Arrow of Immediate Demise (Killing Arrow)
Instantly kills any living target, but has no effect on the undead or inorganic beings like the Mahir. The least accurate of any magic arrow. The artifact has black mist rising from it. 1 arrow per artifact Makes the holder immune to gas.

Have fun, and let me know what you think!


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