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Quake Plugin For TFL
by Token & Fox
This took a long time to make (well... cuz we put it off so much =) but it'z finally here...
a Quake-type conversion for tfl!
it contains 5 maps

1) 7 plyr acid fest

7 starts with i think almost all the new units we put in there and a lil more

2)Quake (lite/dark/spiders)

3 team mesh. 1 lite team, 1 dark, and 1 spiderz... e-z enuf? exactly!

3) quake napalm thingie

a 9 start mesh..all 3 types of dorfs choc full o rocket launching goodness (did that make sense?)

4)(<* Insert map Name Here *>)

a map on da carnage mesh i made in about 30 min that we decided to throw in.

5)Metroid vs Snowman...

it's a map based on tha trow mesh (blah blah blah) it has 3 metroids fer 1 team and 3 snowmen
for the other.

Technically, there are bugs in these maps but most of them are in "insert map name here".. such as:
1)U can blow up the tree wit satchels (this is a good thing, not really a bug =)
2)sometimes there is no lmoth flag if some1 doesnt start center.. but who likes playing an lmoth game
wit less than 5 ppl? =P
3) No, the units rnt messed up.. soulblighter just doesnt like to do his special sometimes =)
4) ahh the cluzter dorf... "wt..why isnt it blowing up!?" well.. why dont u shoot something to blow it up?
heh...and...mb keep some distance =) they do sometimes blow up but...hehe...weee! =)

well...that about sums it up!
Myth TFL copyright 1997 by Bungie
(what's with the copyright needed anyway?)
thx toke!

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