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The Pus Packet.

This is a rather simple plugin. It makes it so gohls carrying a projectile (like pus)
won't throw it unless you press the speacial ability key [default is T].
It also modifies the wights so they are self healing. simply press the special
ability key and they will decompose into nice little pus packets for your gohls
to throw. If you want them to detonate as normal, simply control click on the
ground or tell them to attack an enemy. when they are in range of the specefied
ground or enemy they will drop a chunk of pus, which will usually cause them to
detonate (but not always). I thought about making them cost more, but then I forgot
and built the plugin file so they cost 3 still. That's ok though. Just makes for
more pus fun. enjoy

Wight Trash

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