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The proving pack by MalektheAncient of Renaissance is a set of bungie maps ported to m3 via vengeance
ported maps
Leauges from nowhere - first port finished
Clash/cracks in the cloudspine - models were removed easier then replacing them all
proving/killing grounds - assasin unit is myrdred with his binding dream be careful of this
new varients
Leagues from nowhere(grey) - a whole mix of light dark and neutral unit sets
Leagues from nowhere(Crusades) - think priests along with other units assasin being moagim himself healing him eliminates his team
Battle Grounds - mellee galore no missle units at all assasin unit is connacht with sunhammer

thanks to t2i godgames mumbojumbo and el b of vista

credit of mortor dwarves and netgame maul belong to el b

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