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Polycon Units Version 3.0 Myth Plugin

It was never supposed to get this big. This was just supposed to be my response to my friends saying "Wouldn't it be cool if someone made a Polycon Myth mod". Next thing I know this plugin has swelled to 12 units, my friends are trying to decided if they would rather have me add a railgun or land mines and I am wondering "should I actually consider posting this thing". But if you are like me you don't care about that, you just spent the last half hour downloading this thing and want to find out what it adds to justify that it wasn't a complete waste of time so...

The Worker is a robot that replace the Warrior,Archer and Soulless. It comes in two flavors, the Assault Worker, that comes with a laser rifle, and the Normal Worker that is armed with a inferior stun gun. Both of them can pick up weapons from dead units or supply crates.

The Probe replaces the Thrall. It is a flying unit that can move fast but is not very strong. The Probes built in weapon has a long range but does not do much damage. Probes, like Workers can pick up weapons from other units.

the Priest replaces the journeyman. The priest can heal units (big shock there) and shoot lighting bolt things. The priest moves very slow and doesn't have much health. They also don't show up on the overhead map. this makes them perfect for launching sneak attacks. Like most of the other units priests can pick up weapons.

The Priestess replaces the heron guard. the Priestess can use mind control to brainwash other units (except for other priestesses) into joining your side. The priestess can also incinerate people from a good distance away. Priestess are a bit stronger than priests, they also cost a lot more. Like most other units priestess can pick up weapons.

The Hunter Seeker Launcher (HSL) replaces the wight. The HSL fires mortars that are very inaccurate and not that effective. The HSL also fires missiles that can travel a long distance and damage many units at once. HSL's come with a fixed number of missiles and can pick up more off of dead HSL's. HSL's can also pick up other weapons and items.

The Defiler replaces the Stygan Night. Defilers fire a close range highly powerful pulsed plasma combustion laser (PPC) that both recharges quickly and is very damaging. The Defiler can also fire an infinite number of unguided rockets with the special action key. The Defilers armor is made of a insulating composite material that makes them completely immune to laser blasts but provides no protection beyond that. Defilers can pick up weapons form supply crates or off the bodies of dead units. When killed Defilers sometimes drop their weapons, which can be picked up and used by other units

The Missile Deployment Platform (MDP) is a massive vehicle that has only one purpose, to carry a cruise missile into the battlefield. The MDP can shoot far farther than it can see, it If I Had a Trow the missile can reach from the start location to the river in the center of the map with no problem. But the missiles are somewhat unpredictable, and the MDP has not other weapons, it is completely vulnerable to attacks. It also moves very slowly it dose not have the ability to run away. MDPs can not pick up weapons,and drop none of their own.

The ATT Tank replaces the dwarf. The ATT is easily the most powerful unit in the plug, wit hthe exception of the MDP. It fires a gamma cannon that will kill most units in a single blast and it has a longer range than any of the other units. The ATT's main weakness is its high minimum range. Anything that gets inside its minimum range will confuse it and cause it to retreat. The ATT can pick up items but not weapons.

The Gunner Cyborg replaces the Souless. Gunners fire a mass driver that is not very strong but can fire at a very high rate. Gunners have no armor and are highly suceptable to explosions and fire. When Gunners die they drop mass drivers that can be picked up and used by other units. Gunners can also pick up weapons and objects

The Worm replaces the netgame pig for stampede games. The worm is slow moving and easily killed but it does mount a small stun gun for defense. Worms can pick up items and weapons

Supply crates are the most important unit in the plug. Most of the units are merely mediocre the way they come but arming them with weapons gives them new destructive capabilities. Supply crates contain a random amount of weapons and items that can be gotten to by blowing them up (use an assault worker or ATT so you don't blow up the weapons). There are too many different weapons to describe here you can probably figure out what most of them are supposed to do. But the two most important ones are..

Shield generators can be picked up by any unit and make the unit much stronger than normal. Shield generators look like a small brown box with a red dot on it.

Anticoncussion field generators can also be picked up by any unit. Anticoncussion field generators make a unit immune to the attacks of the ATT and assault worker, they are good for taking out those pesky tanks. Anticoncussion field generators look like a metal ball with spikes sticking out of it.

Note a much more comprehensive list of units and weapons can be found at
Known bugs

The sounds suck. There is not much I can do about that, I am not a sound person. Priestess, Priests and Probes are completely mute and some of the weapon firing sounds are not that great. I will probably try to address this in a future version.

Sometimes when more than five HSL's explode the computer will crash. I am not sure why this happens but I think it has something to do with how much fire myth can handle at once. I didn't think it would be that much of a problem because the chances of having five HSL's explode at once is pretty slim. i adressed this in versin 3 and it is much less of a problem, about 8 HSLs can explode before the computer crashes

In one map I tested this in the shield generators would sometimes disappear into the mesh before you could pick them up. I have no idea what causes this but it is annoying

The bottom of the HSL will sometimes disappear below the mesh. I have seen this in other plugs that use a unit with a large base. Although it doesn't affect the playability of the plug any it looks ugly.

The probes lay these satchel charge like devices that are supposed to disappear after they have been laid. Ihe idea was that you would actually use them to set up ambushes in multiplayer games because no human would allow his or her troops to be lead into a field of satchel charges but if they disappeared than the other player would not even know they were there. But for some reason the charges don't always completely disappear. I don't know why

The myth engine can only support so many artifacts being loaded at once. This was discovered late in the production of version 3 and it is likely that some of the weapons had to be removed to prevent crashing on certan maps

This plug loads a lot of collectoins and on maps that already load lots of collections the maxium number of collections allowed at once can be exceeded. This plug has been tested in all the built in multiplayer maps, it it incompatible only with Proving Grounds but it may be incompatible with some third party maps.

Credits/ legal info.

Thanks to Fireman, Reyper and Torsokiller for spending countless hours helping me beta test this thing.

Email any comments, complaints, etc to Arrakis666@yahoo.com. If you are going to send me email saying something along the lines of “This plugin sucks” then at least tell me why it sucks.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear by Anubis,Arrakis666@yahoo.com

In case you wanted to know the collections were assembled in Amber, a good 3rd party collection editor,and the actual pictures were made in Bryce 4,Poser 4 and Photoshop 3. It is based of a roleplaying game I play called Polycon.

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