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Polycon Grinder Version 1.0 Myth Plugin

Instructions for use

1 Put the Polycon-Grinder plugin into the plugins folder.

2 For single player start Myth, select New game while holding down the Shift key, and select • Polycon-Grinder from the top of the list.

Warning, Myth plugins should not be taken internally. Consult your doctor before use.


The Worker is a robot that replace the Warrior,Archer,etc. It comes in two flavors, the Assault Worker, that comes with a laser rifle, and the Normal Worker that is armed with a inferior stun gun. Both of them can pick up weapons from dead units or supply crates.

The Priest replaces the journeyman. The priest can heal units (big shock there) and shoot lighting bolts. The priest moves very slow and doesn't have much health. They also don't show up on the overhead map. this makes them perfect for launching sneak attacks. Like most of the other units priests can pick up weapons.

The Priestess replaces the heron guard. the Priestess can use mind control to brainwash other units (except for other priestesses) into joining your side. The priestess can also incinerate people from a good distance away. Priestess are a bit stronger than priests, they also cost a lot more. Like most other units priestess can pick up weapons.

The Hunter Seeker Launcher (HSL) replaces the wight. The HSL fires mortars that are very inaccurate and not that effective. The HSL also fires missiles that can travel a long distance and damage many units at once. HSL's come with a fixed number of missiles and can pick up more off of dead HSL's. HSL's can pick up items but not weapons

The Gunner Cyborg replaces the Souless. Gunners fire a mass driver that is not very strong but can fire at a very high rate. Gunners have no armor and are highly suceptable to explosions and fire. When Gunners die they drop mass drivers that can be picked up and used by other units. Gunners can also pick up weapons and objects

The Worm replaces the pig for ambient life. The worm is slow moving and easily killed but it does mount a small stun gun for defense. Worms can pick up items and weapons. Not that any of that applys here

The Pyrus is a Vecon officer armed with a flamethrower. Pyruses shoot a stream of fire that can do massive amounts of damage at close range,killing most units with a single blast. Pyruses have a limited range though and their remains are explosive. Pyruses are one of the few units that can not pick up weapons

Security Droids make up the bulk of the Eisnore army. Cheap and easy to produce Security Droids are much slower than Vecons comperable Worker class robot but they have more armor and their weapon is far more damaging. For technical reasons Security robot weapons can not be recovered

In the map there are several different weapons that the units can pick up and use. If somthing looks like a weapon it most likely is a weapon

Note: a much more comprehensive list of units and weapons can be found at
Known bugs

the Security robots have an ugly, glitchy death sequence. I had difficulty fixing this

Sometimes when more than five HSL's explode the computer will crash. I am not sure why this happens but I think it has something to do with how much fire myth can handle at once. I didn't think it would be that much of a problem because the chances of having five HSL's explode at once is pretty slim. i adressed this in version 3 and it is much less of a problem, about 8 HSLs can explode before the computer crashes. This does not really apply to this level but it is and issuee with the tagset

The bottom of the HSL will sometimes disappear below the mesh. I have seen this in other plugs that use a unit with a large base. Although it doesn't affect the playability of the plug any it looks ugly.

The myth engine can only support so many artifacts being loaded at once. It is very possible that a map will load,oh say 15 artifacts which would be fine but the second you try to run it with Polycon loaded the artifact limit is exceeded and your computer bursts into flames or somthing. That is why the security Droids drop gus that look like they should be gun artifacts but they are not. If I had made them artifacts then I would have had to delete another weapon that you would use a lot more than the Security Droid lasers.

The overhead map is not missing it just starts out closed

NGs weapon is very projectile intensive. Be warned, if you are the type to hack plugins, that if you try to put fifty NGs on a map Myth is going to puke. If you try to put 100 NGs on a map you may want to have a fire extinguisher handy.

The interface will "bleed" outside of the game until you load a non Polycon level. This is why the new inteface was not included in the unit tagset.

Worms seem to float over the water in the "refinery" level. I have no idea why. Sometimes the beamin/beamout local projectiles will not show up, I don't know why. The tagset still wont work in Proving Grounds, I don't know why. Microsoft bought out Bungie, I don't know why. I got rid of that great "George Bush VS Al Gore" easter egg, I don't know why.

There are boxes that contain ammo and grenades that you have to pick up and throw to break open. And the Gunners drop massdrivers that can be picked up and used. Does the fact that this is mentioned in the "Bugs" section make them "undocumented features" or bugs

One of the beta testers wanted me to put in an evil floresent pink jackalope unit, I told everyone but him that it got cut. By the time he reads this I will have fled to Mexico.

There are two easter eggs. Most likely they will take you about 15 seconds to find if you actually go looking for them.

Credits/ lawsuit-retarding info.

Thanks to Guric for supplying sounds for the Pyrus unit,to Fireman,Guric and Reapyr for helping me beta test this thing,to Accutron for making and dealing with the website (www.users.kih.net/~micahx/polycon/index) if you missed it the 40 other times it appears in this readme,and to the rest of SoM(www.geocities.com/TimeSquare/Dragon/2486/index.html) for ideas and suggestions

Email any comments, complaints, etc to Arrakis666@yahoo.com. If you are going to send me email saying something along the lines of “This plugin blows like your mamma” then at least tell me why it blows.

Copyright 1998 in whole or in part Bungie Software Products Corporation. Created with Bungie’s Fear and Loathing by Anubis , Arrakis666@yahoo.com

In case you wanted to know the programs used to make this plugin are Poser 4 Bryce 4 Photoshop 3,Fontographer, Amber,Head Edit, Fear,Loathing,Clarisworks 4,Gifbuilder,Soundedit 16, and Kai's Power Tools 3 (whew). It is based of a roleplaying game I play called Polycon.

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