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MythII Plugin File Type Fixer for Macintosh
Supplied by Randall Shaw - Frigidman

This little helpful utility is for anyone with a Mac and MythII:Soulblighter. You leave this in your plugins folder, or your MythII folder (anywhere is fine), and when you download new plugins that don't fix their icons after you decompress them, then you simply drag the plugin file onto this dropper utility and POOF! There is your nifty icon.

Warning, do not drop other stuff on this dropper utility, as it will adjust the file type and creator on the file you dropped. The reason I have it do this, is because most plugins come in all shapes and forms of text formats, it was difficult to make it look for a specific type... so I made it just change anything you drop onto it :-)

Having plugins with the cool icons does not make MythII like the plugin file any more than if it was a text document iconed file... this is only for looks, as we Mac users love looks!

This utility is "as is" software. It comes as is, and works as is. It is stand alone and does not require you to own File TyperŠ. You may freely distribute it, so long as you give some sort of instructions as what it is for!

This Utility was made with File TyperŠ. A great utility to make these things with!
I hold no responsibilty for any stupid use of this utility, or any abuse thereof. I am not responsible for any damage incurred directly or indirectly by the use or ownership of this utility and readme, and archive. You screw something up, it aint my fault you are too stupid to read.

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